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How Car Ownership Is Like Religion?

When it comes to purchasing car parts, components and accessories online, not only are there are a lot of products and brands to choose from, but there are also a myriad of online car parts shops operating online making it a bit more difficult to decide on which store to shop. Providentially, the internet is also a good place to look for relevant information in terms of looking for a reputable online car parts shop as well as the right product. Biltipset, for instance, provides consumers helpful buying guides and product reviews that will aid in them in making a sound purchasing decision. From the best rear-view camera for your car to the best car shampoo in the market, Biltipset will definitely provide you the details you need to narrow down your search and make a good purchasing decision.

How Is Owning A Car Like Religion?

Owning an automobile isn’t cheap, regardless if you decide to purchase a brand new or used car. If you want to make certain that your car lasts longer, you have to carry out regular or routine check-up and car maintenance as well as ensure that all the parts and components are all in good working condition. Although many are aware that owning a car can be very costly, this doesn’t deter people from purchasing one.

For many, a car is a necessity, whereas for others owning a car is a hobby or a passion. For car enthusiasts, a car isn’t only a thing that is used for transportation, but is like religion that has a large number of followers. Some are disciples of Toyota, others are advocates of Chevrolet, and several are devotees of other brands of cars. Let’s have a look at how owning a car is like a religion.

There Are “Commandments” To Follow

When you own a car, or consider yourself a “car person,” then there are commandments that you need to follow apart from of course the rules of the road. For instance, not touching or driving another person’s car without permission. You also shouldn’t also put your passenger/s’ and pedestrians’ life in danger.

There Are “Scriptures” To Study

Ever religion has its own scriptures or holy texts that its followers read for guidance. In the same way, when you purchase a car, you have to read the car manual to learn more about the car and be guided accordingly. There are also forums and communities that talk about cars providing car owners more information to enrich and reinforce their wisdom and understanding about automobiles.

Car Shows Bring People Together

Socialization and being together as a community is another important element that religion has. When it comes to car shows, car exhibits or car conventions, like-minded individuals from different places gather to not only look at the cars but also meet other people, share their passion for cars and learn from each other.


Fashion Not Getting Much Attention from Inaugural Ladies Jill Biden and Kamala Harris

Biden’s inauguration won’t be as festive as his voters hoped it would be, as all forms of security measures are in place to prevent a repeat of the D.C. riot. While most news reports focus on the fortification of security in the capital city, the fashion sector which under normal circumstances would have also hugged the limelight, is not sharing much information.

Inaugural Ladies Jill Biden and Kamala Harris Not Keen on Highlighting Their Inaugural Fashion Statement

Two important female personalities, President-elect Joe Biden’s First Lady, Dr. JIll Biden and Vice-President-Elect Atty. Kamala Harris will be figuring in the inauguration. Normally, fashion reporters find it interesting to feature the designers who have been invited to submit designs for the incoming First Lady. However not much is being discussed in the open, as the outfit-selection process for the two important ladies seem part of the confidential aspects of the inaugural preparations.

The people speaking in behalf of Dr. Jill Biden and VP-Elect Kamala Harris say that the two women are not so enthusiastic about discussing their preferences, making it clear that they are not keen on conveying a fashion statement. Premasubly, to stay on the safe side, not a few of the designers who have been invited, have declined to give specifics about the design preferences of the two prominent ladies.

The general consensus among the designers is that although fashion has traditionally been an interesting topic during presidential inaugurations, it seems inappropriate to highlight the subject for this particular inaugural event. Although many of the DC rioters last January 06, have already been arrested, the FBI warns that Trump’s white supremacist supporters still have plans of launchching attacks not only in Washington,D.C. but in also in the capitals of all 50 states.

Biden to Mark His First Day in Office with Rollout of Executive Orders

Nonetheless, even if the festive air that usually welcomes the start of a new administration has been replaced by a military-like atmosphere, news about Biden’s plan to rollout 10 Executive Orders on his first day of office, sends a message of hope. One of which immediately addresses the health crisis faced by the nation, a vaccination program that will see to the vaccination of 100 million Americans during Biden’s first 100 days as U.S. President.

Hopefully by that time, Trump’s campaign funds have run out of financial resources to use in funding the violent protests launched by his white supremacist supporters. In fact even Trump’s personal finances are in peril, as the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has rescinded all existing contracts previously entered with Trump and his business organizations.

The NYC mayor’s decision is lauded by many in the business sector, as even Trump’s big company donors have also made announcements that at the moment, they will cease to provide the Republican Party with political contributions.

On the other hand, the Presidential Inauguration Committee has been selling Biden-Harris sweatshirts as a means to raise funds for the forthcoming inauguration. In fact, Gabriela Hearst, one of the designers interviewed by fashion news reporters, said that her company was lucky enough to have been selected to design the Biden-Harris sweatshirt.

Ms. Hearst also mentioned that New York has been drawing attention to the level of international couture house, as everything related to the inauguration is being locally manufactured in NY. That being the case, New Yorkers can expect in the near future, the unfurling of vinyl banners nyc business establishments use in announcing their latest marketing promos. .


Rats Worshipped At The Karni Mata Temple

When it comes to rats, there are certain diseases that they can carry which can be transmitted and detrimental to humans, which includes leptospirosis, hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Salmonella and Tularemia. Hence, when there is a rat infestation in a residential or commercial property, contacting a wildlife removal and animal control company, such as Mobile rat control services, is the best action to carry out to make certain the situation is handled appropriately and where certain measures are executed to prevent them from returning.

Nobody wants to have rats in their home or place of business. Frequently, people will find rats dwelling in wall voids, crawl spaces, attics and basements. This is particularly true in areas where it is heavily populated. Rats multiply quickly, create and leave nasty messes, cause damage to property and, as mentioned, can spread several harmful diseases. It is then imperative to call a professional rat removal company, like Mobile rat control services to help you get rid of the difficulties and headaches of handling your rat problem.

Rats At The Karni Mata Temple

While many of us do everything that we can to get rid and prevent rats, in Rajasthan at Karni Mata temple, rats, regardless of size and number are not shooed away, rather they are worshipped. Hundreds to thousands of rats scamper across the floors of the temple and where their tangled with each other as they fight over large plates of milk. These rats aren’t considered as pests or vermin, but are revered and respected as the divine descendants or progenies of Karni Mata, who was deified as an embodiment of the Durga, a Hindu goddess, in the 15th century.

The tale of how the descendants of Karni Mata have taken the shape of rodents has different versions, however the most common account starts with Karni Mata asking the god of death, Yoma, to resuscitate the son of a storyteller who have drowned. Yoma resisted at first but soon gave in where he promised that the boy as well as all the male descendants of Karni Mata would take the form of rats when reincarnated. Hence, worshippers believe that all the rats living in the temple are the Hindu goddess Karni Mata’s reincarnated descendants.

Those who visit the temple need to take off their footwear prior to walking inside. Consider yourself lucky when a rat runs across your feet as this is their belief. You need to tread lightly and carefully when shuffling among spilled milk, droppings and of course scrambling rats since the rule is that when and if you unintentionally stepped on one and killed it, you will need to replace it with a rat statue that is made of gold.


Checking your church’s tanks

Industrial water heaters have to be kept periodically to guarantee a long-lasting operation in churches. Industrial water heaters plumbing issues can place the entire business action at a complete standstill and so can cause costly business downtime.

Sediment build up in commercial water heaters is a frequent plumbing problem which needs immediate cleaning to stave away issues that could occur from burst tanks into extensive flooding. However in the event that you would rather employ do it yourself fix is then the following advice might be of worth. Even in the event that you opt to fix by the water heaters ensure that a commercial plumber is close by to consider if a complication arise.

Clearing sediment build up enhances the entire efficacy of their industrial water heater. At times the drainage of the tank isn’t possible to do due to this sediment barrier. You have to first break the sediment up blockage in the drain valve to start up the tube by which water is drained out of the tank. Clearing sediment concentration in the drain valve ought to be run in a gentle way to prevent breaking up the valve throughout the procedure. Commercial pipes are outfitted with innovative equipment to dissolve the clog without damaging the device .

Draining the tank isn’t the conclusion of the job. Following the tank is vacant out of water may the side vent be eliminated, vacuumed in the interior and cleaned in the start. Take the chance to confirm the gasket for any harm, and if this is the situation replace the faulty component to stop leakage. In electrical water heaters analyze the device for any rust which could impede the workings of their water heater. When spotting rusting telephone your commercial plumber or maker into employ the right repair.

Avoid attempting to clean sediment out should you lack some industrial pipes know-how or at a event you have doubts about what to do if. It’s much better to cover the industrial plumber than wind up with a pricey split water heater along with a flooded floor since you’ve ruined a part throughout your D.I.Y restoration. Check ro3ia for your tank needs.


The Health Benefits of Religion

Are you currently intuitive or logical? That response might also say something about the belief in God, researchers are discovering. A lot of men and women adhere to faith for the sake of their souls, however, it ends up that regular involvement in faith-based actions is excellent for the human body and mind, also. Check out تفسير الاحلام.

Below are a few of the ways that faith can make people happier and healthier.

Helps you Resist Junk Food

Giving people spiritual reminders makes them feel as though they have less control over their lives – but besides, it gives them additional skills to resist the temptation of junk foods.  Obese individuals experience more regular pain compared to normal-weight people, something which may be explained partially by bodily processes triggered by excessive fat.

Thinking of God can help you prevent a researcher crap food temptation, however, willpower at the laboratory may not translate to healthful customs in actual life. According to a study, young adults who regularly attend religious actions are fifty percent more likely to be obese at middle age than people who remain away from the church. The offender is probably Sunday potlucks and other comfort foods connected with worship, according to the researchers. However, the study should not be taken to represent general wellness, they cautioned. Religious men and women tend to live more compared to non-religious, in part because they smoke.

Puts a Smile on Your Face

Religious men and women are generally happier than non-believers. Based on research published in December 2010 from the journal American Sociological Review, this joy boost comes not in some specific denomination or opinion, but by the social joys of becoming a part of routine services. Getting together with other people in a church, temple or synagogue permits people to construct social networks, closer ties, and, finally, more life assurance.

Raises Self-Esteem

Parents’ gloomy or bright outlook in life played a significant part in their own children’s understanding of the power of positive thinking, the analysis revealed.  Based on where you reside, faith may also allow you to feel better about yourself by simply making you feel a part of your bigger culture. Religious individuals have greater self-esteem and better emotional adjustment than those that aren’t, according to a January 2012 research.

Reduces Stress

If you are religious, considering God will help soothe the stress associated with making errors. To put it differently, believers may fall back to their religion to take care of setbacks gracefully, based on some 2010 study. This suggestion does not work for atheists, however: The analysis also discovered that nonbelievers were stressed out if they thought of God and made errors.

The advantages seem pegged to the way loyal believers are inside their church patterns. Individuals who traveled after a month or two had a half-point blood pressure gain over non-attendees, and individuals who proceeded between one and three times every month needed a one-point decrease in blood pressure. The loyal can get courses in dealing with stress and stress in the pulpit, according to the investigators, or else they may find a comfort increase by singing, praying, and acting rituals along with other people.


Discussion On The Impact Of Violent Games To Society

It had been said that playing video games (and online games – makes youth violent, which is also the cause of many shootings in the US?

Why is the discussion of violent games back?

The former US President Donald Trump said in a speech shortly after the attacks in Texas and Ohio that killed a total of 31 people, “We must stop glorifying violence. I’m also talking about the ghastly use of video games that have become commonplace. It’s too easy for young people to immerse themselves in a culture that revolves around violence.”

It is not the first time that the US president has mentioned video games as a possible cause for the many shootings in his country. Trump said the same thing in 2018, after which top players from the gaming industry were brought to the White House to discuss the issue.

Is Trump right?

The question is whether video games actually incite young people to violence. For example, in countries where more money is made on video games than in the United States, there are hardly any fatal shootings. This is evident from figures from analysis company Newzoo that are shared on Twitter by former Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime, among others.

Facts are facts.

Experts have argued for some time that games can be linked to violence. Two Harvard researchers concluded in 2008 that gaming does not turn young people into “bloodthirsty killers”. “There is simply no data to prove it,” the duo wrote after surveying 1,200 students for two years.

A similar conclusion is drawn in a study by Western Michigan University. Professor Whitney DeCamp told CNN there is “no relationship between playing video games and violent behavior.”

In a German study, a test group had to play games daily for two months. One group got the violent Grand Theft Auto V as a test game, while a second group got the nonviolent The Sims 3 had to play.

“We saw no significant changes in the behavior of the test subjects,” the researchers wrote afterward in an article for Nature. “That applies to the players of both the violent and the nonviolent game and also to a group that played nothing.”

In British teenagers, no link could be found between violent behavior and video games, write researchers from the University of Oxford and University of Cardiff. “There is no evidence that games can have such an effect.”

What does Dutch research show?

Violence in games has also been investigated several times in the Netherlands. Communication scientist Karin Fikkers’ doctoral research argues that games can influence violent behavior, but only if a teenager experiences a lot of violence in his or her environment, for example through family quarrels or contact with aggressive friends.

“The majority of parents, therefore, need not be concerned that media violence is directly problematic for their children,” Fikkers reported after her 2016 study.

Professor Elly Konijn, affiliated with the Free University, concluded in 2008 that games can partly contribute to youth aggression. However, Rabbit emphasizes that games aren’t the only cause. The games contribute only 11 to 22 percent of this behavior. She believes multiple risk factors lead to violent behavior.

Marieke Liem, a criminologist at Leiden University, drew a completely different conclusion in an interview with de Volkskrant in early 2018. She linked games to a decrease in the number of murders since 2004. “This is probably because some of these men spend more time at the computer, for example, playing games,” she said.


The Association for Psychological Science looked at a total of 101 studies examining the link between violence and video games. The influence of games turned out to be minimal. Games are also said to have hardly a negative impact on social behavior and school performance.

We consider the statement “games encourage aggressive behavior and violence” to be untrue.

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