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Affiliate Marketing ; Some Tips on How to Become Part of the ECommerce Boom

When the pandemic sparked a boom in the online selling business, affiliate marketing programs stepped up operations to help merchants grow their business. Market researcher Forrester reported that in 2020, ecommerce achieved growth that pushed its global value to $4.2 trillion. As online retailers and merchants continue to experience an increasing demand for their products, Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, the ecommerce industry will have increased online revenues by 16.8%.

Although the ecommerce boom spurred a corollary increase in affiliate marketers, newbies are finding it difficult to compete in the digital realm. Now here’s the thing, unless you are truly passionate with the product you are promoting, you will encounter difficulty in creating content that can convert readers into customers. Besides, it’s hard to compete if you focus your marketing efforts on products that are mainstream or popular, as these niches are usually inundated with numerous marketing content,

Consider your own preferences, your lifestyle and your needs, and what products you look for in relation to your own circumstances. If you’re a religious person, why not explore Christian or other religious businesses as your niche, as there are affiliate programs that promote the retailers or merchants of such products.

They may not be mainstream, but there are millions of religious folks who buy either items or materials symbolizing their faith, for personal use or to give as gifts. Christmas is just around the corner, and by next year, a new round of birthdays, weddings, graduations and other celebrations will take place.

Examples of Religious Products Supported by Affiliate Marketing Programs

Don’t worry that you’ll be compromising your beliefs and practices because you will earn by helping people find and choose items that best represent their religion.

You’re probably aware that it’s not unusual for Catholics to gift their children with religious jewelry engraved with images of different patron saints and other popular Catholic icons as memento of first communions or confirmation. Know that there are affiliate programs that help spiritual stores be discovered by these type of online shoppers.


Christian inspired greeting cards, prayer cards, all-occasion cards and journals are also hard to find in mainstream card outlets. Actually, there’s a long list of merchants selling Christian-themed products, who are in partnership with affiliate marketing programs; ranging from handcrafted figurines, home decors, inspirational books, tablewares, glasswares and clothing. This means you won’t have a hard time creating meaningful and delightful content that will please your web visitors.

Still, if you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, there are experts willing to share their knowledge and experience to those still trying to find their footing in the digital realm. An authority we know of is Jeff Lerner, who has published numerous YouTube videos that give pointers on how to become successful affiliate marketers. To give you a backgrounder about Jeff Lerner, read the article as it provides comprehensive information about the digital marketing guru.