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The Ron Paul Institute: Another Phony Budget Debate

By Ron Paul Anyone watching last week’s debate over the Republican budget resolution would have experienced déjà vu, as the debate bore a depressing similarity to those of previous years. Once again, the Republicans claimed their budget would cut spending in a responsible manner, while Democratic opponents claimed the plan’s spending cuts would shred the safety net and leave vital ... Read More »

Forbes Mag: Dramatic, Little Known GOP Rule Change Takes Choice Of Presidential Candidate Away From Rank And File Republicans And Hands It To Party Elite

By Rick Ungar There’s an unspoken storm brewing in the Republican Party—a storm whose seeds were planted in the first days of the 2012 Republican National Convention. For those who may not recall those late August days in 2012, the Republican Party arrived in Tampa dedicated to creating a seamless launch for the national presidential campaign of its standard bearer, ... Read More »

Creation Ministries International: Does Bible trump all evidence?

From Creation Ministries International [...] Also, it is unclear to me what exactly you mean by “evidence”, but in the broadest sense evidence is simply grounds for believing something. At CMI, we certainly think that we have good grounds for believing the Bible. Neither we nor the Bible advocate a ‘blind faith’ approach. Instead, we show how Christianity makes better ... Read More »