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November, 2015

  • 11 November

    World War I and the Triumph of Progressivism

    Intro from “Veteran’s Day in the US was once known as Armistice Day, the day set aside to celebrate the end of the modern era’s bloodiest war (up to that time). In his essay “World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals,” Murray Rothbard discusses the war as the triumph of several Progressive intellectual strains from the late 19th ...

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September, 2015

  • 22 September

    The Economics of Hillary Clinton

    Our friend Bill Anderson, who we interviewed for an episode of our podcast here, has written a piece over at the Mises Institute on The Economics of Hillary Clinton. It’s very good and well worth the read so you can actually give a sensible breakdown of her domestic policies so you don’t simply sound like a right-wing radio clown. Check ...

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August, 2015

  • 28 August

    “God’s Forgotten Libertarian.” Lawrence Reed on J. Gresham Machen.

    Check out Reed’s great little article on proto-Reformed Libertarian, J. Gresham Machen, here. Excerpt: Historian George Marsden, in his 1991 book Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism, labels Machen’s political views as “radical libertarian” because he “opposed almost any extension of state power.” I think Machen himself might have been happy with the description, but he would have seen it as a natural extension ...

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  • 10 August

    Steve Sailer’s Overview of Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment

    Carroll Quigley is well known for being the historian for the Anglo-American Establishment. Steve Sailer gives an overview of one of Quigley’s Power Groups, called The Milner Group.  Link is here.

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