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Are Business Alarm Systems Still Relevant in Perth, WA?

Although Perth ranks as the 5th safest city in Australia, installing business alarm systems is still essential as a means of ensuring a safe environment for all. The AU Occupational Health and Safety Systems legally oblige business owners to provide security not only to customers and visitors, but also to workers, contractors and volunteers. Installing a reliable alarm system therefore, is of particular importance to businesses with employees working in solitude or deployed in high-risk sites.

What Makes Perth an Ideal Residential and Business Location?


Perth is a beautiful city in Western Australia with a population roughly estimated at 2 million people, According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Perth has a relatively low crime rate when compared to other Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

The ABS statistical data on crime rates are established by determining an area’s rough proximity and commonality to and with certain metropolitan and suburban areas based on geographical locations. The areas have social and economic benefits that Perth shares with other AU cities and suburbs.

The ABS pre-pandemic statistical report stated that the crime rate in Perth in 2019-2020 was estimated at 4.9 per 100,000 people. The figure is considered a positive sign considering that the nature of the crimes are mostly property-related offences, perpetrated by way of burglary, theft and break-and-entry modus.

Criminal incidents such as assaults and violent robberies also occurred frequently but at a lesser extent than those that occurred in other AU cities and at a lower rate than property offences. Yet the crime rates were expected to increase once post-pandemic tourism peaked.

The Western Australian Police Force reported that between the months of July and December in 2022, the statistical data for crime against property and person combined for every 100,000 people, was estimated at 3,190 per person.

The WA Police Force reported that high incidences of crimes took place in the East and South Perth areas, specifically in the suburb of O’Connor, in Victoria and Osborne Parks. Still regardless of where a business is located, it’s important not to be complacent by installing alarm systems that will keep your business secure against break-ins and other crimes against people and property.

Important Features of a Business Alarm System

When choosing a business alarm system, it ‘s important to check out the basic features described below, being the standard elements of a high quality business alarm system:

Round the clock CCTV monitoring with thermal imaging capabilities that can help identify threats related to biosecurity.

Alarms triggered by breaking and entry activities of intruders and burglars.

24/7 remote monitoring, as well as access and control systems connected to a local station by way of PCs or smartphone applications.

Smoke and Fire Detection alarms.

Also, take note that the aforementioned features can lower the insurance premiums related to a bus.