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A Short History Of How Tow Trucks Came To Be

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Automobiles have been around in the early 1900s where they have certainly had problems with their cars breaking down. Tow trucks have been providing assistance to drivers especially when they are stranded for quite a while. So how did tow trucks come to be? How did it all began?

The Invention Of The Tow Truck

The tow truck was innovated by Ernest Holmes Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1916. This idea, according to accounts, came to Holmes after he required rope, blocks and a several men to assist in pulling a car out from a creek in their area. His design has undergone numerous stages prior to it being perfect enough to begin its manufacturing as well as its commercial sale. Although this invention that Holmes made was undeniably practical for daily usage, his invention was improved further and also made use of during the WWII to help pull out from ditches tanks and other huge armored vehicles or to correct them when they have tipped over. Ernest Holmes Sr. had lived to see his incredible innovation used for different purposes during the World War II.

The first versions of the tow truck that Holmes invented made use of pulleys, iron chains and poles that were fastened to the truck in order to help secure the truck so that it could pull out the vehicle from where ever it was wedged or stuck. Today, tow trucks have changed and have become even more useful. Although we make an effort to remain safe on the road as well keep our automobiles maintained, there is still a possibility for it to break down unexpectedly. But, thanks to the invention of Holmes, towing services can help save the day.