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How Car Ownership Is Like Religion?

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How Is Owning A Car Like Religion?

Owning an automobile isn’t cheap, regardless if you decide to purchase a brand new or used car. If you want to make certain that your car lasts longer, you have to carry out regular or routine check-up and car maintenance as well as ensure that all the parts and components are all in good working condition. Although many are aware that owning a car can be very costly, this doesn’t deter people from purchasing one.

For many, a car is a necessity, whereas for others owning a car is a hobby or a passion. For car enthusiasts, a car isn’t only a thing that is used for transportation, but is like religion that has a large number of followers. Some are disciples of Toyota, others are advocates of Chevrolet, and several are devotees of other brands of cars. Let’s have a look at how owning a car is like a religion.

There Are “Commandments” To Follow

When you own a car, or consider yourself a “car person,” then there are commandments that you need to follow apart from of course the rules of the road. For instance, not touching or driving another person’s car without permission. You also shouldn’t also put your passenger/s’ and pedestrians’ life in danger.

There Are “Scriptures” To Study

Ever religion has its own scriptures or holy texts that its followers read for guidance. In the same way, when you purchase a car, you have to read the car manual to learn more about the car and be guided accordingly. There are also forums and communities that talk about cars providing car owners more information to enrich and reinforce their wisdom and understanding about automobiles.

Car Shows Bring People Together

Socialization and being together as a community is another important element that religion has. When it comes to car shows, car exhibits or car conventions, like-minded individuals from different places gather to not only look at the cars but also meet other people, share their passion for cars and learn from each other.