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Birth of Sheet Music and Scales | More Music On YouTube

Gregorian chant is a chant for the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Since Roman Catholicism was the center of society and culture in medieval Europe, this Gregorian chant is sung and developed throughout Europe. Find these chants uploaded on YouTube.

The music at that time had no musical instrument accompaniment, only the melody of the song. This Gregorian chant is said to be the beginning of classical music, and it will take root while changing over the years in various parts of Europe.

Birth of sheet music and scales on YouTube

Sheet music also existed in the Gregorian chant, which was the source of classical music. it is not in the current format. It is said to be a memo that shows the rough melody movement using the symbol “neume”. Around the 13th century, I finally started to use four musical scores, and gradually approached the current musical score format.

And the scale of de re mi fa so la si do used in modern times was born in the 17th century. We will wait until the next Baroque era. The medieval and renaissance era can be said to be an era of trial and error, which took many years until the music theory used was established.

From prayer to God to musical work

Originally, music was only developed from the church, and its purpose was “prayer to God.” In the latter half of the Middle Ages, the influence of the church gradually disappeared, and the era of the cultural movement called the Renaissance came.

The Renaissance can be said to be a great leap forward in the fields of literature, art and architecture, but in music it has come to be recognized not only as a “god’s prayer” but also as a work made by a human being as a composer.

Points of the Baroque era

From the flow of the Renaissance, the development started from Italy in the first half, but in the second half Germany became the center with the appearance of JS Bach and Handel, and Germany will be in a position to lead classical music. Download this classical music from YouTube with the help of a Youtube clip converter.

A composer who was active in the Baroque era

It is no exaggeration to say that JS Bach is the most important person in the history of classical music .He was said to have put together the basics of classical music today, and had a great influence on later composers.

Handel is a composer born in the same year as JS Bach. Although his achievements are excellent, Handel has been active internationally, including in the United Kingdom, for Bach, who worked for the church throughout his life. Many of the compositions are highly entertaining, such as opera and oratorio.

Vivaldi is now a composer who has established the genre of concertos, which is common and has many masterpieces.