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Religion and Politics For People

Religion and politics are the most controversial things to talk about. They are controversial to the point that them being the topics should be avoided to prevent conflicts and “drama”.

Religion is a person’s system of worship. It includes beliefs, practices, preaching, leading, and all the valid things that one can connect to a particular religion. Religions have their beliefs that sometimes contradict with what the government, politicians, law makers are implementing. For all the religions believe that even if we, people, have our leaders here on Earth, rules and regulations, laws and ordinances should always be aligned with the words of God. The main issue between the church and the government are the laws that allow to take people’s lives. This pertains to death penalty and legalizing abortion. Religions believe that only God can and should take our lives for He is also the one who gave it.

Government, on the other hand, is a body created to lead people. However unlike our religions, their ways are not really reflected from the words of God. Their main purpose is to safeguard people’s lives from crimes. Laws are to guide everyone’s doings. They strongly believe that if one did something wrong and foul whether or not it is against his or her fellowmen, he or she should be punished. Every crime constitutes with an appropriate ordeal for a criminal or offender to learn lesson and not do it again. Politicians and law-making bodies are present to make sure that there is peace and order.

Both do have their great purposes. It is just that there are things that our religion cannot already handle and the fact that people have different religions. Some even do not really have theirs. Religion and politics cannot be mixed or combined. They have their own scopes. It is kind of stressful to think that most of the time they contradicts each other’s implementations so just continue being a good child of God, a law-abiding citizen, and consider Soma for a whole self-care.