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Understanding Where Video Games Came From

Video games like ones you can play in f95zone Battlefield were first invented when computer experts were examining their research by creating easy games or simulations. It wasn’t until the 1970s and ’80s that video games became free. Now there are plenty of various games, gaming systems, and ways to play.


During the years when video games were still fresh, kids would meet in places called arcades to play their favorite games. Video games were acquainted to arcades in the 1970s. Before video games arrived, arcades only had those truly complicated claw games, pinball, and other automated gaming machines. The moment video game machines were included to this gaming machine, games like Space InvadersPac-ManCentipede, made several people entertained.


One of the newest and most iconic video games ever produced is PongPong was a ping-pong-style game where a dot is jumped back-and-forth by two poles managed by two gamers, or a person and a computer-generated enemy. Not only could Pong be performed in video arcades but there was also a variant called Home Pong, which as you might imagine, could be operatedat home. No wonder it was one of the first video games to become famous!


In the late ’70s, home gaming systems were designed that had cartridges or cards that saved various games. These consoles could be entered into the gaming system and, for the first time ever, kids could play various games regularly at home. Consoles really began to grow in popularity when a Japanese company called Nintendo started a system. This generation of consoles also altered the way games were executed by starting controllers.

But is it game over?

In the present times, video game culture becomes mainstream – kids are spending hours playing on their consoles, and new game releases were flying off store shelves.

And to this day, the legacy of gaming continues. Especially with the evolution of technology and computer graphic improvements, they are more popular than ever – having earned daily presence in our lives everywhere we go, and serving far more purposes than simply entertainment.