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The History of Grilling & Barbecuing

It is believed that dealing with fire is a natural primal instinct that has accompanied mankind for thousands of years. It is still deeply anchored in human beings today. At least it can be said that the discovery of fire provided the decisive spark. Without the fire, sitting together around a hot fireplace and grilling a delicious piece of meat then as now would not have been possible. Throughout history, the cooking method of grilling meat over the fire accompanies people.

Who invented grilling?

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans cooked large pieces of meat over the flames. The history of barbecuing goes back a long way. However, that changed in the Middle Ages. In those days, meat was a precious product since it was rare and the little available had to feed whole families. So it would have been an immeasurable waste to just let the valuable fat on the meat burn off by grilling.

Therefore, throughout history, grilling had been a cooking method kept for the upper class. In the stately castles, more and more refined methods of cooking over an open fire were developed, such as grilling on a rotisserie spit. So the grilling shifted in history from a community event to a festive spectacle at court for the aristocratic population.

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Provenance and origin: The first kettle grill

It wasn’t until the 1950s that the Americans brought the pleasure of grilling onto the culinary map. The inventor of the kettle grill, George Stephen, made a significant contribution to this.

A short anecdote on the origin of barbecuing on the kettle grill. One day Stephen absolutely didn’t want to let a predicted thunderstorm spoil the barbecue party in his garden at home. Challenging the weather, the discoverer simply gathered the first kettle grill using materials from his employer.

That was the birth of the well-known Weber grill. The kettle grill sparked enthusiasm for grilling fun in the Americans, which in turn brought grilling to Germany during the occupation period. More and more people were keen to have fun at the barbecue and have been firing up the barbecue in their own garden or balcony at the weekend ever since. The enthusiasm for enjoying the juicy grilled piece of meat will undoubtedly continue to blaze brightly in the future.

These days, grilling has been a part of weekend parties and gatherings. Because of this, people read the GMG Peak grill review before buying quality grills for their homes.