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Rats Worshipped At The Karni Mata Temple

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Rats At The Karni Mata Temple

While many of us do everything that we can to get rid and prevent rats, in Rajasthan at Karni Mata temple, rats, regardless of size and number are not shooed away, rather they are worshipped. Hundreds to thousands of rats scamper across the floors of the temple and where their tangled with each other as they fight over large plates of milk. These rats aren’t considered as pests or vermin, but are revered and respected as the divine descendants or progenies of Karni Mata, who was deified as an embodiment of the Durga, a Hindu goddess, in the 15th century.

The tale of how the descendants of Karni Mata have taken the shape of rodents has different versions, however the most common account starts with Karni Mata asking the god of death, Yoma, to resuscitate the son of a storyteller who have drowned. Yoma resisted at first but soon gave in where he promised that the boy as well as all the male descendants of Karni Mata would take the form of rats when reincarnated. Hence, worshippers believe that all the rats living in the temple are the Hindu goddess Karni Mata’s reincarnated descendants.

Those who visit the temple need to take off their footwear prior to walking inside. Consider yourself lucky when a rat runs across your feet as this is their belief. You need to tread lightly and carefully when shuffling among spilled milk, droppings and of course scrambling rats since the rule is that when and if you unintentionally stepped on one and killed it, you will need to replace it with a rat statue that is made of gold.