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Fashion Not Getting Much Attention from Inaugural Ladies Jill Biden and Kamala Harris

Biden’s inauguration won’t be as festive as his voters hoped it would be, as all forms of security measures are in place to prevent a repeat of the D.C. riot. While most news reports focus on the fortification of security in the capital city, the fashion sector which under normal circumstances would have also hugged the limelight, is not sharing much information.

Inaugural Ladies Jill Biden and Kamala Harris Not Keen on Highlighting Their Inaugural Fashion Statement

Two important female personalities, President-elect Joe Biden’s First Lady, Dr. JIll Biden and Vice-President-Elect Atty. Kamala Harris will be figuring in the inauguration. Normally, fashion reporters find it interesting to feature the designers who have been invited to submit designs for the incoming First Lady. However not much is being discussed in the open, as the outfit-selection process for the two important ladies seem part of the confidential aspects of the inaugural preparations.

The people speaking in behalf of Dr. Jill Biden and VP-Elect Kamala Harris say that the two women are not so enthusiastic about discussing their preferences, making it clear that they are not keen on conveying a fashion statement. Premasubly, to stay on the safe side, not a few of the designers who have been invited, have declined to give specifics about the design preferences of the two prominent ladies.

The general consensus among the designers is that although fashion has traditionally been an interesting topic during presidential inaugurations, it seems inappropriate to highlight the subject for this particular inaugural event. Although many of the DC rioters last January 06, have already been arrested, the FBI warns that Trump’s white supremacist supporters still have plans of launchching attacks not only in Washington,D.C. but in also in the capitals of all 50 states.

Biden to Mark His First Day in Office with Rollout of Executive Orders

Nonetheless, even if the festive air that usually welcomes the start of a new administration has been replaced by a military-like atmosphere, news about Biden’s plan to rollout 10 Executive Orders on his first day of office, sends a message of hope. One of which immediately addresses the health crisis faced by the nation, a vaccination program that will see to the vaccination of 100 million Americans during Biden’s first 100 days as U.S. President.

Hopefully by that time, Trump’s campaign funds have run out of financial resources to use in funding the violent protests launched by his white supremacist supporters. In fact even Trump’s personal finances are in peril, as the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has rescinded all existing contracts previously entered with Trump and his business organizations.

The NYC mayor’s decision is lauded by many in the business sector, as even Trump’s big company donors have also made announcements that at the moment, they will cease to provide the Republican Party with political contributions.

On the other hand, the Presidential Inauguration Committee has been selling Biden-Harris sweatshirts as a means to raise funds for the forthcoming inauguration. In fact, Gabriela Hearst, one of the designers interviewed by fashion news reporters, said that her company was lucky enough to have been selected to design the Biden-Harris sweatshirt.

Ms. Hearst also mentioned that New York has been drawing attention to the level of international couture house, as everything related to the inauguration is being locally manufactured in NY. That being the case, New Yorkers can expect in the near future, the unfurling of vinyl banners nyc business establishments use in announcing their latest marketing promos. .