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Knowing the History of Automotive

Everything was better before. Well, when it comes to the car, the Germans’ favourite means of transport and status symbol, that’s not entirely true. Since the invention of the first patent motor vehicle in 1886, manufacturers and developers have always worked to make the vehicle more comfortable and safer.

For example, inventions such as cruise control, airbags, ABS, new forms of motorization or the navigation system, are a few of the most important achievements in the further development of the car.  On the other hand, for ideas about cars that you want to publish, check automotive write for us.

Automotive: The desire for security as a driver of innovation

Inventions such as the anti-lock braking system, ABS for short, and other driver assistance systems have already made an important contribution to the fact that there are fundamentally fewer accidents with serious personal injury.

Cars no longer come off the lane as quickly. Front and side airbags fitted as standard save lives. The obligation to wear seat belts, which has been in place for people in the front seats since 1976 and in the rear seats since 1984, also significantly reduced the number of road traffic accidents. Today brings the integrated emergency call system, which has been mandatory in all new cars since 201. It provides even more safety on the road. If there is an accident, help is called automatically.

The history of the automobile continuesautomotive write for us

The enormous technological development is also noticeable in everyday life. Gone are the days when cranking the wheel when parking replaced weight training in the gym. And the vacation trip to Italy or Spain in a car without air conditioning and electric windows could quickly turn into a sweaty ordeal.

Not only do you have to sweat less and crank it up, but parking has also become easier. Reversing cameras, sensors and acoustic signals should help to better assess the distances. Most of these technical achievements aim to reduce the risk of accidents.

Many technology companies are now going a step further. They are investing in systems for autonomous driving. This will shape the traffic of the future and thus revolutionize driving.