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The Religious and Political Views of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


The Religion of Swift

Taylor Swift grew informed of a Christmas timberland in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania as she was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. Then, when she was 14 years old, she and her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Swift actively avoids talking about religion. On a forum on her website, she wrote a message to fans:

Just wanted to remind you guys that let’s attempt to avoid topics and conversations that lean towards political or religious topics. In the end, this just isn’t the place for that as someone will inevitably get offended.

But she definitely encompasses a Christian background. She enrolled within the Aaron Academy’s homeschooling service, which incorporates a strong Christian ethos, for her final two years of high school. She has given $250,000 to Christian schools around the country. And she or he has recalled watching her grandmother sing at church when she was a jeune fille.

Swift also stood up to her record label execs to urge Christian bands have to Breathe to travel traveling together with her and has written and performed many songs concerning God, aside from the other hits that she also wrote. The lyrics for her single “Our Song,” for instance, contain a prayer reference:

And once I got home before I said amen/ I asked God if He could play it again.

Oh, and here’s an enormous clue. With the hyper-Christian player, Tim Tebow, she went on a date once.

Although not confirmed, it is highly speculated that Swift is Catholic. Her younger brother could be a student at the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic research university if that’s any help. But regardless, she certainly has the approval of Christian parents around the U.S. and has sung her praises are even high-ranking Catholic officials. The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul wrote of her:

It is refreshing to seek out a well-liked, musical model who is targeted on friends, friendship, and family values.

Oh yes, she’s squeaky clean–so far.


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The Politics of Swift

Swift is a little bit of a contradiction. Initially, she certainly looks like a Republican. She performed at the Republican National Convention in 2008, and she or he once apparently wrote on her MySpace page:

Republicans eff better.

But then she conceded that she supports Obama, in one interview. Concerning the 2008 election, the primary one within which she was the right age to vote, she said,

I’ve never seen this country so happy with a couple of political decisions in my entire time of vitality. I’m so glad this was my first election.

As she listened to Stevie Wonder makes a speech on the evening that Obama was elected, Swift has also said her heart was “racing,” and she or he described Michelle Obama as a “role model.”

Even though she prefers to not discuss politics so as to not offend her fans, she can’t seem to flee it. Maybe she placed on a show of being Republican because she didn’t want to show away from her predominantly Republican C and W fanbase. Or even she really likes Obama, but not his politics.