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The Real Politics and IPTV

Politics is always entertaining, especially in the USA. No wonder that Washington is currently ahead in the booming genre of political TV series. Media scholars find that certain topics are on the public agenda.

Most people do not experience political events directly, but rather convey it through the information formats on abonnement iptv. This creates an image of politics that is shaped by the specific staging strategies of this medium.iptv

Politics needs discretion

How can politics compete with it? Politicians need discretion, they need time and well-trained complexity conquerors. Politics cannot and must not surrender itself to the media, but it must find new images and narratives in order to make the adventure of democracy more noticeable. And what applies to television is that it can no longer narrative demobilize its own program because it is afraid of losing the audience. The country, the republic and politics need new images.

Role of iptv to politics

The medium of television is an influential part of life. On the one hand, people consider mass media to be an important transmitter of social norms and values, on the other hand, they are consciously used as such.

Television is a very important medium for politics. Due to the enormous reach of television, politicians and parties have the opportunity to reach a large number of recipients through advertising and media appearances. In contrast to the print media, images, sounds and noises are transmitted that can significantly influence the recipients. Another advantage of this medium is that it can also reach people who are otherwise less interested in politics.

Is television still the main medium of public communication and politics?

Television images shape your collective memory. Television shapes your shared memories as well as your experience of the present and your view of the future. You can even say that it shapes your worldview as a whole. What you share with a great many others, you take from television. Your ideas of politics, economy, culture, sport and the world of life are determined by television. With the advent of iptv, you can easily see what happens in today’s politics.