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Government Office: The Right Chair

A good chair for the office follows the movements of the body. It reduces the risk of strain injuries and help you sit appropriately no matter how long you sit. In other words, a good chair in government offices is worth it. You can check gaming setup and furniture from Autonomous to get an idea of the best chairs and their prices.

How many hours a day do you spend sitting?

The most important question to answer is how many hours a day you sit. The basic rule should be; the more hours you spend sitting, the better the office chair should be.

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Government Office: Choose the mechanism that follows your movements

It is important that the seat and back of the chair follow your movements as your body automatically wants to change position from time to time. The interrelationship between the backrest and the seat is determined by the mechanism of the chair and again the rule that quality pays applies.

Permanent contact: This means that the backrest follows the movements of your upper body while the seat is fixed. This way you can vary your working position slightly.

Recline Lock: A simple mechanism that keeps the backrest and seat at the same angle to each other, even when rocking. The resistance depends on your body weight.

Synchronization: The seat and backrest interact in a 1:2 ratio, which means that when rocking, the seat changes in one step and the back changes in two steps. The seat and backrest can be locked in fixed positions and you can also adjust the resistance to your weight.

Multi-synchronization: Here, too, the seat and backrest interact in a 1:2 ratio. However, you have the option of decoupling the seat, which makes it easy to stretch the body from time to time and increase blood flow to the legs and feet.

Emphasize ergonomic features

In order for your new chair to give you the support your body needs, it must be able to adjust to your height, weight and body shape. You should look for a chair with multiple adjustment options for maximum comfort.

Adjustable seat height depending on your height. The correct height is when the entire sole of the foot is on the floor when the back is pressed against the backrest.

Adjustable Backrest Height. Allows the backrest to be adjusted to a position that follows the natural curve of your lumbar spine.

Adjustable Seat Angle. To ensure good posture, it is good if the office chair seat is slightly tilted forward so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees when your feet are on the floor.