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Bats Are Not Dangerous At All

You probably know him from horror stories, the bat. Many people do not know that the bat is not that dangerous after all. He is a bit special, it is the only mammal that can really fly. A bat is not just a mouse with wings. The bat doesn’t even look like a mouse. The mouse is a rodent, the bat belongs to a completely different family. If you are interested, on this site you can actually create a post service to help probably the bats you can post about bats, what will the help of bats and etc. Visit one of the best guest post services (

Forbidden to chase away

Some people find bats very scary. They scare bats away if they are nearby. This is actually not allowed at all. In the Netherlands, bats are protected animals that you cannot disturb without permission from the government.

Dinner time!

Do you also find mosquitoes in your room so annoying? Bats really like mosquitoes. So if there are bats living nearby, you’re in luck! If you leave them alone, they will eat as many mosquitoes as possible for you. As small as mosquitoes are, bats can find them everywhere.

Night owl

Bats prefer to go out at night to look for food. Then they often leave their hiding place in large numbers at once. They look for mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and flies. Hunting in the middle of the night can be tricky. That’s why bats use sonar to find their prey in the dark. It’s kind of an echo of their own sound.

What a crowd

Bats often live together with a large family, this group is called a colony. Sometimes such a family consists of five hundred bats! If they are with a large group, they can also make a huge noise. That is pleasant chatter for them and it deters enemies.
residence. The favorite places of bats are dark, warm, and humid. That is not very pleasant for us, but bats find this the ideal place to live and to raise their little ones.

Well educated

Bat fathers are only concerned with finding a female and mating. Once the female is pregnant, the father bat loses interest. Fortunately for the bat babies, mother bats take their job very seriously. Bat mothers usually only have one baby per year. They cling their baby tightly to their body to keep it warm and to ensure that it does not fall down.

Types of bats

There are many species of bats. The smallest is called the bumblebee bat. At three centimeters in size, it is so small it would fit in your hand. Just look at your ruler how small this is! With its wings spread it is somewhat larger, 16 centimeters.

Bats in the Netherlands

Bats also live in the Netherlands. At least 21 different species have been identified! Seven of these are common in the Netherlands. Bats can be spotted everywhere: in cities, villages, in nature, or in the land of farmers.

Water bat

As the name suggests, this bat can be found near the water. It can easily find food at lakes, ditches, and streams in the forest. He grabs mosquitoes and flies with his big feet out of the sky. Sometimes the water bat even grabs small fish from the water. The water bat can also hunt over land, close to forest trails, or in sheltered forest clearings.

Basketed bat

This is a bat with a long, woolly coat. His back hairs are in three colors. Near its skin, the hairs are gray, in the middle straw yellow and the tips are reddish-brown. Its belly is yellowish-gray in color. The muzzle is reddish-brown, the ears and wings are dark gray-brown. It weighs about 11 grams.

Common pipistrelle

The common pipistrelle is the most common bat. This dwarf weighs about 5 grams. But he has quite large wings for such a small animal. When stretched, it can be between 18 and 24 inches wide. Pygmy bats here mainly live in buildings in green areas, but abroad they also live in caves. They mainly eat mosquitoes, lacewings, moths and sometimes beetles. They hunt among the shelter of trees.

Late flyer

This bat is one of the last bat species to wake up at night to hunt. The lace flyer is a large bat species. The fur is brown on its back. The hair ends may be golden and slightly shiny. It is yellowish-brown on the underside. The ears and snout are black, and the broad wings are dark brown to black. The ears are quite small and triangular.

Brown long-eared bat

This little bat has really big ears! They are bigger than their own head and almost as big as their own body. Its snout has a pinkish color, the same color as a piglet. He has brown fur on his back and his belly is yellowish. The brown long-eared bat is an early bird. He flies out before sunset.

No friend of Dracula

Some people think that bats drink human blood. But you don’t have to be afraid of this. This is not true at all. The only bat that drinks blood lives in South America. That’s why it’s called the vampire bat. This species of bat usually drinks the blood of cattle.

Don’t pick up

While bats will never just attack you, don’t pick up a bat if you find one. The bat can get scared and bite with fright, that hurts! If there’s a bat in your house, it’s best to open a window to let it out. If you see a sick bat on the ground outside, you can call it animal control.

No pests!

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals believes it is important that everyone in the Netherlands knows that bats are not pests. If there are bats living in your area that is only beautiful! Leave them alone and they will catch mosquitoes for you.

The Animal Protection

Many animals live in the Netherlands. Animals in nature, such as birds and fish, but also pets. We also keep animals for their meat, eggs, or milk.