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Bionic Mosquito —> all blogposts

Some talking head on CNBC, when referring to Ron Paul, called him a “mosquito.” My reaction – if he is a “mosquito”, he is a pretty powerful one. Hence the name.  More about me, with contact information, here:

Brandon Adams —> all blogposts

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Chris Bacavis —> all blogposts

Holds an AA from Pikes Peak Community College and is completing a Bachelor of Arts in English through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. His writing has been featured in Empirical Magazine, Voices Of Revolution: Americans Speak Out for Ron Paul, and the short story collection Fireside Dreams. Chris also works as an Associate Editor for the Las Vegas Guardian Express. He resides with his wife, Sarah, in Colorado Springs.

Doug Douma —> all blogposts

I am a seminary student at the Sangre de Cristo Seminary – a reformed seminary in Colorado. I previously studied Engineering at the University of Michigan and got an MBA at Wake Forest University. I’ve learned far more from books than in school. I’m particularly in debt to Martin Luther, Ludwig von Mises, and Gordon H. Clark for any thoughts I have.

Gabriel McCray —> all blogposts

I am a Christian and paleo-libertarian. I am very interested in Austrian economics and free markets.  Living and writing in North Dakota.

G. Shane Morris —> all blogposts

Jared Lovell —> all blogposts

Jared Lovell earned a B.A. in history and political science from Marywood University. He is currently studying law at Oak Brook College of Law and theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Living in Scranton, Pennsylvania, with his wife and son, where he serves in his church and is a member of the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA). Greatest influences include John Calvin, Abraham Kuyper, J. Gresham Machen, and Murray Rothbard. You can contact him via email at

Johnathan Brown —> all blogposts

Johnathan graduated from Jacksonville State University in 2012 with a degree in political science with minors in economics and history. He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Tallapoosa, Ga.

Jonathan Crawford —> all blogposts

Reformed Baptist.  New to the libertarian world.  I mainly write and comment on my chief interests, which include theology and history.  I’m an oddball amongst writers because I can’t stand coffee!

Mark Nenadov —> all blogposts

Mark Nenadov is a Reformed Baptist and an advocate of peace and liberty. He lives in Canada with his lovely wife and and their two children, one of which is expected to arrive on the scene shortly. Over the years, his poetry and essays have appeared in a number of publications around the world, including Reformed Perspectives, Northern Cardinal Review, The Blue Hour Magazine, Fade, The Aquila Report, The Penmen Review, Clare Literary Magazine, The Libertarian Enterprise, Shot Glass Journal, and Kuyperian Commentary. See for more details. Twitter: @contratweet

Max Mcguire —> all blogposts

Max McGuire is a Reformed Libertarian interested in what the Bible has to say about politics and economics.  He is a fan of Gordon Clark, John Robbins, Ron Paul, and the Austrian School.  He works as a CPA and lives with his wife and daughter in Portland, Oregon.

Mitchell Thompson —> all blogposts

I was born and raised in Northern California where I was homeschooled.  I became a Protestant (Calvinistic) seven years ago. I was also, starting in 2006, a Buchananite conservative until I met Ron Paul during the 2008 elections.  From then on I read everything I could from the Mises Institute and am now satisfied as a Rothbardian libertarian.  I am slowly becoming a more confessional Reformed Baptist. Hoping to get more and more involved on this site. My Twitter handle is @MitchRThompson. I also think I’m witty, but I prolly ain’t. Cheers.

Patrick McWilliams —> all blogposts

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R. Campbell Sproul —> all blogposts

R Campbell Sproul is a senior at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida, majoring in Theological Studies. You can read his blog at and you should follow him on Twitter @RCampbellSproul

Shane Kastler —> all blogposts

Shane Kastler serves as Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana ( He is a graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity) and Northeastern State University (Bachelor of Business Admin.). In addition to pastoring, he is the Co-Host of “Church & State” heard every Thursday from 8-10 AM on KELB, 100.5 FM in Lake Charles. Shane writes a weekly newspaper column called “Seeking Higher Ground” and has contributed articles to “Sword & Trowel”, the “Economic Policy Journal”, and He is also the author of “Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption” a biography of the great Confederate general, which tells of how he found redemption in Christ. Shane and his wife Erin are both native Oklahomans, who now make their home in Lake Charles with their 3 children.  His blog is: