Introduction to the Editor

Welcome to The Reformed Libertarian.

As editor and creator, my intention for TRL is that it seeks to discover the connections and relationships between the reformed Christian faith, the libertarian political philosophy, and the Austrian School of Economics.  I aim to show, that if libertarianism can be an adequate political conclusion, it must be consistent with the Bible.  The philosophy behind my thoughts and analysis is the Protestant worldview.

I adhere to John W. Robbins’ rendition of the philosophy of Gordon Clark, with one exception:

  • Epistemology: Propositional Revelation (Christian apriori rationalism)
  • Soteriology: Faith (Belief/Assent) Alone
  • Metaphysics: Theism
  • Ethics: Divine Law
  • Politics: Property-rights based libertarianism (Clark and Robbins adhered to a “Constitutional Republic,” which, as I have noted, is fundamentally one step away from property-rights based libertarianism)

My theology is Reformed Baptist and I subscribe to the 1689 London Baptist Confession. My philosophy is presuppositional (philosophically, I am a follower of Gordon H. Clark, a Christian rationalist). My politics and law tend to be Austro-libertarian (or Rothbardian/Hoppian).  My economics are Misesian and Austrian.

For more information about this blog and our goals, see the about page or email me with questions at anytime.

Hope to see you around,

C.Jay Engel

TRL Editor (