Your Mind on Statism

In a random Facebook “debate” (do such qualify as debates?), my adversary informed me that, and I quote, “one important problem with homeschooling is the lack of exercise they get by not having P.E.”  This is a great point. The public school systems have provided to the world the introduction of the idea of exercising.  For the first time ever.  Before the Public Schools and the bureaucrats that decide what is good for the Union Bosses students, children literally did not exercise. They did not do sports, they did not play tag, they did not hunt, they did not wrestle.  They did nothing, see, because there were no tax-sucking busybodies in DC telling teachers to tell students what to do.

Now, after he thought about it (which apparently succeeded my asking “are you prepared to defend that statement?”), he took it back, but qualified his retraction be saying, “I knew some homeschoolers that did not do P.E.”  Cool.  I knew some public schoolers who couldn’t tell you the difference between “two” and “too.”  These are silly claims if they are being used to convince someone.

Anyways, the hilarity of the matter rests in the fact that his argument was so immediately accessible to him.  This is the way the statist thinks. It is part and parcel of how he sees the world. Without the government, we couldn’t accomplish anything.  State-approved P.E., which honestly is insufficient for the growing child anyway, is the means by which children stay active.  Therefore, for those who do not participate in the State-approved P.E., exercise is not possible.  That is the argument that was thrown at me.  It reeks of the distorted understanding of the State. The State has become the God of the land in the minds of people all around us.

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