www.ReformedPropertarian.com is ours!

Tomorrow’s featured article will explain what Propertarianism is and why it is important for the heavy readers of this blog (and paleo-libertarians in general) to be familiar with this word.  Libertarianism, as most of us have realized is a very diverse word that can refer to so many traditions and convictions which purport to promote “liberty.”  But propertarianism better defines what is meant by liberty, it better clarifies the importance of private property in the libertarian theory, and it better stresses a certain strain of libertarianism that seems to be dying in the United States (but flourishing elsewhere, as we will see).

We will always be identified as Reformed Libertarians, but I think having the new domain under our control will allow us to do more things in the future.  And as always, we want to stress that we view all things political and economic through our Calvinist worldview.

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