Why I Don’t Salute The Flag

When I go to sporting events, I always avoid the national anthem. I hate the music, the singing is always terrible, and I find it generally distasteful. Aside from that, I desperately want to avoid the awkwardness of being expected to remove my hat and salute the flag, because I won’t.

I won’t salute the flag because of what it represents. It is certainly legitimate to render honor where it is due, but there is no honor due to this flag and what it stands for.

A great, simple flowchart to understand whether a crime has been committed.

The flag of the United States of America is a piece of cloth representative of an oppressive state, one which has murdered thousands of people in unjust wars. The flag represents a state that actively protects and funds those who murder innocents. It represents a state which regularly prosecutes (persecutes) persons who commit victimless “crimes”.

The flag represents a state which performs massive surveillance that violates personal security, and claims the right to conscript me into any war they wish, making me their slave. The flag represents an empire more murderous than any state in the history of the world.

The flag does not represent some ethereal, platonic ideal of freedom, justice, or opportunity, long since lost in history. It represents the historic and current actions of the state, and all it has done and continues to do to harm, rob, and kill people around the world. Because of all this, I refuse to salute the flag of the United States of America, and I always will.

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