What the GOP primary season means for this site

The GOP primary season will reveal the differences between this site’s views on politics and the views of the general conservative base. Not only are we generally irreverent to the modern and so-called “political discourse,” but we also take our ideas –our political philosophy– very seriously. Which means that the candidates in the GOP will be compared to a set standard of individual liberty, laissez-faire free markets, non-interventionist foreign policy, and a radical political decentralization. This is completely at odds with the Republican political party and therefore, this season, candidates will be skewered on this site.

We aren’t really impressed with the Bread and Circuses nature of the political game show, seeing it more as political tryout, a showcase, a grand display of pandering to the masses.  We do not see it as a great exchange of ideas, a clashing of worldview.  The debates are only “important” for the politicians who need to perform well in order to attract more money, support, and enthusiasm.  But they are not “important” in the sense that a “decision is being made” by the American people about the “future of this nation.”  This view really would be putting far too much faith in the American political environment and misunderstanding the nature of the Federal Government. The only place that ideas have in this process is merely to serve the role of speaking the language of the constituency for the sake of the opportunity to gain political power.  We don’t really think that a GOP President will change anything, limit the Federal Government, or solve our economic and political woes.  Rather than being the challenger to the establishment, the GOP is the establishment.  Or at least one side of it.

Both political parties exist to protect and promote the interests of Power, which in the American setting is the integral and mutually-dependent relationship between Big Enterprise and the State itself.  To be clear, much to the opposition of the populist left’s view of “Big Enterprise,” our understanding is that Big Enterprise Lobbyists like to encourage government regulation, increases fines and fees, and various other rules and anti-free market pursuits. The reason for this is because the Big Enterprise is the only player in the game that can afford to comply. By increasing the costs of business, the lobbying enterprises can weed out their competition. Big Enterprise in this sense, is not a result of the free market or capitalist system, but rather is the result of State power.

Republicans and Democrats then have distinct Power-hungry interest groups that they seek to protect.  The role of the politician is to broker stolen loot from the private sector to the State-sector, which as Albert Jay Nock pointed out, is the conglomeration of State and its beneficiaries. This is the primary difference between the parties (with some other differences on things like abortion and borders): their interest groups.  But in the end, no matter who gets in, the State always grows.  The GOP is not an exception to this rule.  Yes, even the conservative’s beloved Ronald Reagan, expanded bureaucracy, increased the budget, brought us deeper into debt, upped taxes (while we always only hear about the 2 taxes he brought down– but the tax increases more than outweighed the decreases) and much more.  The State, you have to understand, always grows and the GOP and Democrats are competing for the reins here.  The Democrats, being economic fascists, talk like Marxists in order to please their voter base and increase support. The Republicans, being economic fascists as well, talk like free-marketers in order to please their voter base and increase support.  I expand on this theme here.

In our current political environment of increasing talk of libertarianism and free-markets online will mean that the viewer (if he has not, in a desire to protect his soul, completely tuned out) will need to be extra cautious about smooth-talking politicians who know exactly what to say to please the voters, but who in reality have zero desire to bring down the power of the Federal Government.  Particularly, I’m thinking of well-articulate panderers like Ted Cruz.  Remember: it is the smooth talker that is the most dangerous.

As I stated several months ago, the one candidate who is on the fence for me is Rand Paul. He definitely has the background in freeedom-ideas to be attractive to the libertarian.  He believes in the free market and in Constitutional protections and all that. His chief problem, however, is his refusal to upset the Neocon status quo.  He needs to be much braver on foreign policy. He needs to explain how all our wars are illegitimate, immoral, unwise, and inherently imperial.  His stance against the Iran deal is very disheartening.  He needs to read and learn from his Dad on foreign policy and he needs to educate himself on his father’s number one issue: the Federal Reserve (There was no mention of the Federal Reserve and interest rate manipulation last night — only promises to expand the economy at a certain percent, which of course is anti-free market central planning).  This refusal to take up these topics and stand firm for truth is not only frustrating, but it is also going to prevent Rand from getting far in this political game. People flocked to Ron Paul because he didn’t care what people thought, he always spoke the truth.  If Rand is going to ignore this, he will not do well for himself.

In the end, this election season will be a great means to express exactly the extent to which we dissent from the political environment in this country.  We aren’t just anti-Hillary. We are against the whole establishment, the entire structure of the Federal Government, which, contrary to popular opinion, is a gigantic weight on the world, and an anchor on the American people.  We don’t need a “New Leader” to run the American Enterprise. We need free markets and the decisions of millions of people, individually living their lives and pursuing profit. This produces a spontaneous order distinct from the centrally planned order of the 20th century, it produces more wealth, greater security, and peace.  The market and freedom are the way forward. Not the Federal Government.

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