Western Media Propaganda in the ISIS Ordeal

Check this out. The Centre for the Study of Interventionism reports something disturbing. Would be hilarious, but it’s downright upsetting.  I quote three paragraphs, and you can click here for more. (H/T Ron Paul Institute)

On 16 June 2014, the Mail carried an excited report which enthused about how even teenagers and young boys were taking up arms to defend the capital city against the Sunni militants of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).


However, someone must have realised that this was quite the wrong message to give out about a Western-backed government.  The use of child soldiers is expressly forbidden by the International Criminal Court and it formed the basis for its flagship prosecution of Thomas Lubanga, even though he was in fact suspected of far worse crimes.


For by the next morning, the entire tone of the article had been turned around 180 degrees.  Instead of implicitly praising the brave youngsters who were joining their fathers and uncles in arms, the article did a U-turn and branded the ISIS militants evil monsters because they used child soldiers.


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