Universal Pre-K!

The New York Times reported on New York City’s new “Universal” and “free, full-day, citywide, city-run prekindergarten” in which more than 50,000 will “each be getting a head start on a lifetime of learning.”  And, according to the Times, we ought to “note what an accomplishment this is. […] It is a milestone of education reform.”

While this new attempt at siphoning off the children from the parents of society and directing them directly into the hands of the Sovereign State may indeed be “full-day” and city-wide,” it is neither free nor a positive accomplishment.  If it is a milestone, it is one which should greatly concern the citizen because it marks the extent to which society is being encapsulated by the authoritarian efforts of a despicable statist establishment.  Children, being the most innocent and unknowing members of society, are especially susceptible to government propaganda and the intellectual war on freedom, individualism, and a Christian worldview.  Governments have long been interested in educating the children, and this should come as no surprise.

“City and school officials have been busy… guiding parents and signing up children,” which makes them sound like brokers in a suspiciously corrupt exchange.  Which of course it is.  Bill de Blasio, the Socialist mayor of of New York, “built his campaign around” this idea, that 4-year olds (!) should be “educated” (odd word to use here in the context) by the bureaucrats and “officials” of the State-educrat complex.  The trick is to make it appear “free” to the parents by funding the school via taxation and indeed the article itself notes that “[Mayor Bill de Blasio’s] plan relied on passing an income tax increase in the State Legislature….”  Now, although he did not quite get his new tax (thankfully), he still received a necessary $300 million in a state grant.  Which makes it a hilarious contradiction that the Times calls the State parenting schooling program “free.” There “is no such thing as a free lunch,” as the free-market saying goes.

Eerily, this government attempt to manage little children, is simply not enough; the article also notes that de Blasio has another devious scheme up his sleeve (although the Times calls it a government “initiative.”  This is sort of like calling bank robbery a “profit opportunity.”): “citywide after-school programs for more than 70,000 middle school children.”

After one vendor (a private firm that provides “services” to the government is called a vendor) that was attempting to secure a contract to provide “rigorous oversight and monitoring of preschool programs” was discovered to have employed an individual who had had a history of child-pornography charges, de Blasio defended the program: No Big Deal.  All Taken Care Of.  Trust Me.

Literal quote from the article: “No children were at risk.”

Oh good. Had me worried there for a second. Don’t worry. The children are in safe hands.  We have Really Good bureaucrats.  Top notch.  But what about the parents? Shouldn’t they educate and raise their children? They aren’t experts. We’ve trained experts. 

Welcome to universal Pre-K: the new trend in government control.  New York is a trial or sorts; if it works there (Gee, I wonder how the media and politicians and academicians will evaluate the success of the program), it should be implemented in every major city. It’s for the children.

Not ecstatic? Do you hate children or something?