Trinity Foundation’s 2014 Essay Contest

The Trinity Foundation’s 2014 Essay Contest was just released.  This is the essay contest that I just participated in, and won, this year.  My post about that essay is here.

The Trinity Foundation’s notice is here and reads as follows:

The Trinity Foundation is pleased to announce the Tenth Annual Christian Worldview Essay Contest

First Prize $3,000

Second Prize $2,000

Third Prize $1,000

The topic of the 2014 Christian Worldview Essay Contest is the book What Is the Christian Life? by Gordon H. Clark. Each person who enters the contest must read the book and write an essay about it. What Is the Christian Life? is available for $10.00 (retail price: $12.95 for trade paperback) per copy, postpaid to U. S. addresses. An eBook version is also available for $5 download from our website.

Essays entered in the Christian Worldview Essay Contest:

-may be of any length
-must be written in English
-must be typewritten or computer printed on one side only, double-spaced, with one inch margins and page numbers
-must be submitted on white paper, in triplicate, stapled, with pages in order, and an electronic copy must be submitted by email to
-must arrive at the offices of The Trinity Foundation (and by email) by September 2, 2014
-must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form (see below for link to form)
-become the property of The Trinity Foundation.

I have read this book.  It is excellent.  Hope someone reading this site enters the contest!