Tom Woods’ New Book!


Writes Tom Woods:

Recording 270 videos for makes a guy want to take a break. So I did — and wrote a new book. (The gray background color is there so it’ll blend nicely into a landing page I’m designing.)

The book will be available in a Kindle version (which is already available for pre-order for a mere $3.99), as well as in paperback and as an audiobook. I expect all three of those formats to be available on the official release date of September 29.

Here are the book’s ten parts (each of which contains multiple chapters):

Part I: War and Propaganda

Part II: Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism

Part III: Libertarianism Attacked, and My Replies

Part IV: Ron Paul and Forbidden Truths

Part V: End the Fed

Part VI: History and Liberty

Part VII: When Libertarians Go Wrong [on people who don’t quite get their own philosophy]

Part VIII: Books You May Have Missed

Part IX: Talking Liberty: Selected Tom Woods Show Interviews

Part X: Back to Basics

Afterword: How I Evaded the Gatekeepers of Approved Opinion

The book features a foreword by Ron Paul. I’ll keep you posted as the release date approaches!

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