Tom Woods: New Book!

Tom Woods’ new book was released today and it’s only $3.99 on kindle! Tom Woods is one of the most articulate and important proponents of libertarians today. There are so many reasons for this: from his unique skill of taking difficult concepts and boiling them down for people to his wide array of knowledge on all sorts of issues.  But what means the most to me, personally, is his insistence that one can indeed be a conservative and libertarian.  We live in a libertarian era in which the presumption is that one must reject words like “The Right,” “conservatism,” “paleo” and the like. But here is a thinker who considers himself (as I do) part of the Right, a cultural conservative, and a paleo-libertarian.  He is ecumenical when the time calls for it, and yet bluntly direct and clear when libertarians and non-libertarians ae wrong on a given issue.  The libertarian world needs more people like Tom Woods.   Here is the blurb from Amazon:


Nothing makes traditional left and right kiss and make up faster than when they’re faced with an articulate libertarian. Avert your eyes from this dangerous extremist, citizen! Government is composed of wise public servants who innocently pursue the common good!

In Real Dissent, Tom Woods demolishes some of the toughest critics of libertarianism in his trademark way. In doing so he strays beyond what he calls the index card of allowable opinion, the narrow range within which the media and political classes permit debate to take place in America.

Should 40% or 35% of ourincome be taxed? That’s the kind of debate the New York Times prefers. Should our income be taxed at all? Now that’s out of bounds, citizen!

In foreign policy, Americans are permitted to choose between bombing a despised country or starving its people to death. You favor peace? Why, you must be an “extremist”!

On the Federal Reserve, the debate is over which policy the Fed should pursue. But what if the Fed is itself the problem? No answer, because the question isn’t raised.

Real Dissent is organized into ten parts:

Part I: War and Propaganda

Part II: Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism

Part III: Libertarianism Attacked, and My Replies

Part IV: Ron Paul and Forbidden Truths

Part V: End the Fed

Part VI: History and Liberty

Part VII: When Libertarians Go Wrong [on people who don’t quite get their own philosophy]

Part VIII: Books You May Have Missed

Part IX: Talking Liberty: Selected Tom Woods Show Interviews

Part X: Back to Basics

Afterword: How I Evaded the Gatekeepers of Approved Opinion

The index card of allowable opinion forces Americans into narrow and pointless debates, and closes off discussion of plausible and humane alternatives. For the sake of American liberty, it’s time we set that thing on fire.

This book is a match.

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