Today’s Picks: Sept 29

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Theological and Philosophical

—> Richard Barcellos wrote an important summary of the Confessional view of the Trinity, which can be found here.  It is vital that we understand that God is one and three in two different senses. We need to make this clear, lest we get into Van Tillian paradox land where God is one and three in the same sense.  Quote:

That God is one is very clearly stated in the Bible (Deut. 6:4; 1 Cor. 8:4, 6). However, historic Christianity claims that in one sense God is also three. How can God be one and three at the same time? It all depends on what is meant by “one” and “three.” One in what sense? And three in what sense? Is God one in every sense? No. Is God three in every sense? No. If the answer were yes then we would have an obvious contradiction. In fact, many throughout history and in our own day have claimed that the doctrine of the Trinity is a contradiction, even an absurdity. However, historic Christian orthodoxy has always been extremely careful to qualify and define what it means by one and three as they relate to the doctrine of the Trinity.

Political and Economic

—> Glenn Greenwald, Justin Raimondo, and Daniel McAdams all talk about the invasion of Syria, which apparently is the deeper reason behind the drive to attack ISIS.  Specifically, they brought up the quick rise, and then quick disappearance, of some shadowy group known as “The Khorasan Group.”  With in-depth and exclusive reporting, Greenwald referred to it as “The Fake Terror Threat to Justify Bombing Syria.”

—> Michael Lewis discusses the release of the secret Goldman Sachs Tapes which reveal the corruption and the collusion between Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve regulators.  Importantly, and as pointed out by the title of Lewis’ article as published at David Stockman’s Contra Corner, this shows the worthlessness of the Fed’s promise to control the economy with its so-called “Macro-Prudential” policies. All this means is that it is going to step up regulations of the financial industry. But what we need is less regulations, not more. And release of the secret tapes demonstrate how worthless regulation is anyway in an environment of flagrant corruption.

Cultural and Social

Writing at The Unz Review, Ron Paul points out that even though the Scottish Referendum to secede failed the ballot box, the entire circumstance gives reason to cheer.  Secessionary tendencies are heating up in the world.  Quote:

Americans who embrace secession are acting in a grand American tradition. The Declaration of Independence was written to justify secession from Britain. Supporters of liberty should cheer the growth in support for secession, as it is the ultimate rejection of centralized government and the ideologies of Keynesianism, welfarism, and militarism.

Widespread acceptance of the principle of peaceful secession and self-determination could resolve many ongoing conflicts. For instance, allowing the people of eastern Ukraine and western Ukraine to decide for themselves whether to spilt into two separate nations may be the only way to resolve their differences.

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