Three Unapproved Facts About Iraq

With the recent crack-up in Iraq, the march of the downright terrifying ISIS toward Baghdad, the neocon blame game against Obama is predictable.  The most important and dominant accusation is that Obama’s chief failure was in pulling the troops out of Iraq.  This is allegedly the crucial mistake that has caused all this, never mind that before Bush’s invasion there was no al Qaeda presence in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  The narrative then that Obama is “soft” on war and the GOP is “strong” continues, despite all the other wars, drone strikes, and foreign interventionism carried forth by the Obama administration.  There are three important facts that directly challenge the neoconservative claim that it is “Obama’s fault for pulling out.”  Because we libertarians don’t like the foreign policy of Bush OR Obama, it is important to note that these facts also challenge the liberal claim that “Obama sought to change Bush’s foreign policy and did better by pulling out.”

The entire narrative is misguided.

One: The agreement to pull the troops out of Iraq by 2011 was signed by George W. Bush.  From the Status of Forces Agreement in 2008, article 24:

All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.

Two: Obama lobbied and made considerable efforts to extend the amount of time the troops were to stay. However, the Iraq government denied his requests.

Three: The troops were actually not pulled out completely in 2011. There were thousands left and they were named “contractors” instead.  Eric Margolis suggests that there were actually around 5000 that stayed.

Once we realize these things, we can better understand the sheer deceit of the official and mainstream narrative.  The United States is an empire with voting electorate that falsely believes their participation in “the political process” can effect their future.


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