The Truth About Aleppo

The War Propaganda Machine is busy right now with the Aleppo situation. It’s very sad, of course, to hear about some of the events going on there. But the truth of the matter is that the US and its allies are using “babies and children” as a deflection against the reality of the situation. The US government’s interest in the matter is in destabilizing the region and toppling the Assad regime by funding and supporting the very extremist and radical “rebels” that it elsewhere claims as its enemy. Thus, Assad, seeking the help of its Russian allies is responding, perhaps not perfectly, to the scenario that was initiated and fueled by American interventionism.

But as usual, the US government and the NATO allies are posturing the entire mission as a humanitarian effort to save Aleppo from Big Bad Putin.

And most of the “facts” and video that you see on social media is pure “fake news,” propaganda.

Read this excellent piece by David Stockman for a quick– albeit punchy– overview. 

 Here is a great overview of what is going on: