The Messianic State and Failed Promises

The Great Battle of the Modern Era, at least in Western Civilization, is the battle between Power and Market.  That is, the war that takes place between those who use coercive means to accomplish societal and economic ends, and those who use peaceful means.  Frank Chodorov, who was referencing Albert Nock, who was referencing the scantily known German Franz Oppenheimer, stated in his Out of Step that,

There are two ways of making a living…. One is the economic means, the other the political means. The first consists of the application of human effort to raw materials so as to bring into being things that people want; the second is the confiscation of the rightful property of others.

The United States, in its early years, while not perfect, was largely the product of economic means.  Limited government means the focus is economic means of societal expansion.  The greater the government, the greater the political means.  The greater the political means, the greater the government.  The more wealth that the State transfers from its victims to itself, the less wealth that is able to be utilized toward economic ends.  The State is the antithesis of the economy, and of natural society.

Some time ago, in the New York Times, ex-Reaganite David Stockman reflected on what he called the “Sundown in America.”  America has indeed seen its better era.  Will America come roaring back?  It certainly is doubtful.  Furthermore, it is impossible unless the political means be eliminated from the American setting -a goal which is largely unforeseeable considering the utter non-existence of moral and ethical standard.  Thou shalt not steal, commands the Scripture.  Except by majority vote! adds the politicians.

Stockman sadly noted:

THE state-wreck ahead is a far cry from the “Great Moderation” proclaimed in 2004 by Mr. Bernanke, who predicted that prosperity would be everlasting because the Fed had tamed the business cycle and, as late as March 2007, testified that the impact of the subprime meltdown “seems likely to be contained.”

Bernanke predicted the Fed had tamed the business cycle.  But then the crash of 2008 happened.

Remember Obama’s slogans? “Hope and Change.”  Which turned out to apply only to his banker-lobbyist friends.  What about “Forward?” That one turned out to be the first word in “forward into economic mayhem.”

Alan Greenspan told us in the 1990’s that America had entered a New Economy; one without fear of economic depression.  Then the stock market crashed in 2000.

Bush II was going to make us safe from terrorism.  He created the fascist police state under which we now reside.

Clinton told us that “The Era of Big Government is Over.”  And then the State grew exponentially.

Bush I told us that the “New World Order” was in reach.  But ten years later Bush II was destroying the Middle East.

Reagan sparked a “limited government” revolution.  But under him, the Federal Government grew larger than it had under Carter and would under Clinton.

When Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971, his new “Smithsonian Agreement” was claimed, by Nixon himself, to be “the greatest monetary agreement in the history of the world.”  Less than a year later, the agreement collapsed and triggered the end of the US Dollar.

LBJ wanted to create a “Great Society.”  Apparently one in which a quarter of the population could find no work, were dependent on welfare, and therefore decided to go fight in his bloody and useless war in Vietnam.

FDR made a “New Deal.”  Which of course meant that the Federal Reserve and Federal Government monetary and credit excesses during the 1920’s which caused economic calamity (Great Depression) were not allowed to face their natural consequences, causing the depression to last for a decade.  (If you refuse to suffer the consequences, the consequences build up).

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was meant to stabilize prices and keep employment levels high.  Yet today, unemployment is raging and inflation has made the poor even poorer, year by year.

The old-time Socialists of the mid-nineteenth century were to create The New Socialist Man to bring forth their communist Utopia.  And yet man continues to increase in wickedness.

These are the failed promises of the messianic State.  Those nasty politicians that attempt to replace the true King.  They offer you paradise.  But they lie and then fail to deliver.  Why? Because when Christ and his principles (no stealing, no lying, no killing) are eliminated from society and those very evil actions become the day-by-day activity of Government, no society can ever last.

The State is a failure.  It has enclosed shackles on individuals worldwide.  It claims to come with wonderful promises, and yet it is the means of destruction.  This is because it uses political means.  It uses force and coercion to get what it wants.

Don’t put your faith in the State to solve the problems of this broken world.

Put your faith in Christ.  Whose promises are surely kept and whose kingdom is already being fulfilled.

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