The McDurmon/Hall Theonomy Debate

There have been many people across Facebook sharing the video of the recent theonomy debate. And I have even had several emails about the event as well. We (I am hoping Brandon Adams will be able to aid me in this) will issue an analysis as soon as we can, hopefully within the next week or two. To anticipate, while we certainly disagree with the theonomist position and especially its hermeneutic, we have not yet formulated an opinion of how well JD Hall did and whether we agree with his approach to his disagreement with the resolution. We disagree with the resolution, as did Hall, but we have yet to watch the debate and therefore will withhold any praise or criticism for the time being.

I didn’t realize the video would be available so soon, and I am focusing right now on another essay on libertarianism that I want to finish in the next several days. ┬áSo that comes first, then the debate analysis. Busy busy.

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