The Intolerant Scam of Diversity

I stopped by my local library today to see that they have a table devoted to “diversity.”  I decided to browse the books they had on display, but I noticed nothing that suggested “diversity.”  To the contrary I noticed a theme of “unity” around various left-wing, liberal crusade-type issues.  For example, the “diversity” table had 6 or 8 books praising homosexuality.  There were 4 or 5 books bemoaning racism, and 3 or 4 books on Islam.  And maybe a book or two sprinkled in on “climate change” for good measure. My, how diverse!

Let me be frank.  I have no problem with these authors writing these books to express their viewpoint.  My problem is with the library, the political system, the governmental bureaucracies, indeed much of the country that uses the word “diversity” when their support for ACTUAL diversity is non-existent.  It is the height of hypocrisy to gather a cabal of books from one ideological camp and one camp ONLY and then braggadocios and smugly announce to the world that you are showcasing “diversity.”

If they REALLY wanted to highlight diversity, then there would be one book praising homosexuality and another book pointing out the dangers of such a lifestyle.  Maybe there would be one book by a gay person talking about why they like being gay.  Right next to a book by a straight person explaining why they enjoy being straight.  Instead of numerous books on white supremacy and how racist America is, maybe they could have one book on that topic and a more “diverse” book explaining how America managed to elect a black president in 2008, while rejecting his white opponent.  And then in 2012 re-electing the same black president (regardless of his many shortcomings), once again defeating a white opponent.  That doesn’t sound like a very racist country to me.  But I’m just trying to be “diverse.”

Perhaps instead of books devoted solely to “climate change.”  They could mix in a couple of books proving that this topic is one of the biggest political scams of our time.  Remember when “climate change” used to called “global warming”?  What happened?  The hucksters pushing this crusade found out that other people were finding out that the world was actually getting COLDER in some places.  So much for global warming.  So now they call it “climate change.”  And suckers by the truckloads still fall for the “sky is falling” environmental ruse coming from the self-proclaimed experts.  Don’t get me wrong, the climate change hucksters can write their books all they want.  It’s a free country.  But if we are truly going to be “diverse” then maybe the library should promote some different views.  Because there are many of them out there.

One final thought on our library’s glorious “diversity” table.  Why is it that Islam is the only religion represented under the umbrella of “diversity”?  Obviously, as a Christian, I have a “horse in the race” (so to speak).  But wouldn’t diversity…. REAL diversity mean you would have a book on Islam, and one on Christianity, and one on Judaism, and one on Hinduism, etc?  Let’s hear the “diverse” viewpoints, rather than having only one shoved down our throat.  And of course the irony here is to use the terms “diverse” and “Isalm” in the same sentence.  Muslims aren’t too big on diversity you know.  Except for maybe liberal Muslims, who once again, are the only ones who count for the diversity zealots.

The obvious conclusion is this.  The library considers diversity to only include gays, blacks, Muslims, and environmental extremists.  That’s not diversity, that is narrow-mindedness.  That’s not diversity.  That is liberalism.  And the whole “diversity” mantra that so many in this nation have fallen for is not diversity at all.  It’s liberal indoctrination that pushes one viewpoint; and if you offer a differing opinion you will be labeled, ridiculed, black-balled, and skewered for not being “diverse” enough.  What a joke.

I think my visit to the library made some people nervous.  Perhaps it was the amount of time I stood at the “diversity” table rolling my eyes and growling.  Perhaps it was my intimidating appearance.  After all, a nicely-dressed, bearded, white man is public enemy number one in a world of “diversity.”  Maybe I scared the staff when I took my cell phone out to take a few pics.  Whatever the cause, I noticed the security guard quickly made his way over to me and stood close by.  Maybe he expected trouble.  But I wasn’t there to make trouble.  I was there to learn about diversity, but all I learned is that diversity is a sham.  True diversity would be a mixture of viewpoints.  But the liberal gestapo won’t stand for that.  To them, diversity is whatever THEY SAY diversity is.  And if you have a view that “diverses” from their definition, then you are a bigot.

It’s a free country.  Believe what you want.  Read what you want.  Write what you want.  And do what you want.  But don’t hijack a word like “diversity.”  Then re-define in the most close-minded way possible; and then browbeat the world for not being “diverse” enough.  Many people fall for this “diversity” non-sense.  But it’s not a game I’m willing to play.  It’s a scam.  It’s a sham.  And it’s a shame.  And this concludes my rant for the day.  Thank you for your time.

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