The FDA Does it Again

The FDA is getting ready to shut down J.C. Newman Cigar Company, a 119 year old family tobacco business. Why? Because they sell premium cigars for less than $10. Oh, and also because they’re not willing to pay a massive “fee” and spend thousands of hours having an inept organization regulate their product. Because, you know, if bad or unsafe products manage to get on the market people will buy them regardless of the poor return they get on their investment. Just like people always do. Does the FDA know what they’re doing in inspecting and regulating cigars? Of course not. Why would you need to actually be good at your job when you can use weapons and imprisonment to force people to subsidize it? The fact that the state thinks they actually need (or have the right to) regulate the sale of tobacco or any other product is silly. The fact that they have no clue how to successfully perform this “necessary” regulation just adds to the insanity of the situation. But hey, at least they’re doing it for the children, and if they don’t like it, well they can just move their business to Somalia.

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