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About a month ago, I expressed gratitude for all the help I received in making this site a well-visited source for comments on both political theory and current trends, all from a Christian point of view! I also mentioned some of the ideas I had in continuing to expand it, including some publications and a podcast. I stated what everything was going to cost to get it done right, and I am quite thankful that out of the $1,000 that I was looking at (see the above linked post for details), I received about $475. Awesome! This greatly helps decrease what is coming out of my own pocket– and seriously, thank you!

Of course, I am also open with a grateful heart to receiving anything in addition to what has already been given. Everything that we do will always be available for free, since I don’t rely on this for an income, but donations certainly ease the load!

Since that time, I have finished the rough draft of my summary overview book of what it means to be a “Reformed Libertarian” and I have also, with the help of a handful of people including Brian Jacobson who is helping me cohost, launched a podcast. These were two of the things that I wanted to do with the contributions that came in. Last week we interviewed RC Sproul Jr. and this upcoming week we will be talking to economist and Reformed Christian, William Anderson, about Austrian Economics. In a couple weeks, we are also very pleased to have Dr. E. Calvin Beisner as a guest as well. So we are thrilled to be off to such a great start. And your contributions made this happen.

If you folks have any questions or ideas for future projects, or topics that you want covered, make sure you get in touch with me. I’m always open to doing new things.

Thanks again everybody! If you do enjoy what we do and still feel like you want to help us out in meeting our yearly expenses, please feel free to visit our PayPal link here (you may have to already be signed in to PayPal before you click the link):

We will always be thankful for every reader.


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