Ted Cruz Announces: Early Thoughts on the Political Racket

First 2016 GOP Presidential Bid announcement… and it’s pro-bailout, pro-foreign interventionism, pro-Fed, pro-Patriot Act, trade-protectionist, neoconservative Ted Cruz.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in Rothbardianesque “libertarian Power Elite analysis,” he very close connections, through his wife and law firm, with the CFR, various transnational trade partnerships, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan.

Predicted media spin: Cruz is “one of us,” a “populist,” and a strict Constitutionalist (lol).

In fact, that is going to be the theme of the GOP candidates who are not people like Jeb Bush, John Bolton, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, who will be the “establishment” candidates. People like Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, maybe Sarah Palin will play the “outside the beltway, but with experience” candidates. The “Tea Party” types will be people like Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio. Of those, only Rand Paul seems to fit the conservative, Tea Party profile, while Cruz and Rubio are simply junior neocons playing the “reach the constituent” game and Ben Carson being sort of a soft-moderate who made some great media-moves in the Obama era.

Cruz is first to the plate and Paul is expected to announce in April. While I do believe that Paul is the most conservative/constitutional, he is certainly not above criticism and has some very serious shortcomings, most of which center around his efforts to please the GOP leadership on the most fundamental issue of our time: foreign policy. His primary weakness is his father’s primary strength. No candidate has my complete support.

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