Steve the Insufferable

Impugning motives and ascribing sinister meaning to words is what Nancy MacLean does in her recent book. –Jeff Deist

The left-libertarian beltway “liberaltarian” vs. Mises Institute Rothbardian libertarian battle continues. It’s reflective not only in the definition of libertarianism employed by each, the former being far more vague and wishy-washy, but also in the cultural habits and tendencies as well. The leftists, being proponents of the disgraceful crusade on western cultural traditions and having a fixation on cultural diversity and internationalism for their own sake, lunge at the opportunity to smear their Rothbardian opponents with the tired cries of racism and bigotry. 2b78f2e25f06ed43f7dfe89c0ae9b1bf

Everything that offends them is “proof” of Nazism and fascism. Because the left has a difficult time engaging in rational discourse, they often dismiss everything they don’t like– anything with a remote characteristic of tradition and opposition to the god of diversity– as fascistic. It is the same disease that has infected everyone from the Southern Poverty Law Center to the Soros-funded protest movements to the rhetoric of Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and Rachel Maddow. If someone’s opinion isn’t in line with their “melting pot” vision of Utopia, why, they must be Literally Hitler! It’s what the media says of Trump, it’s what leftist outlets like Salon and Slate say of conservatives in general, and sadly its what self-described libertarians like Roderick Long, David Boaz, Steve Horowitz, Jeffrey Tucker, and even key people at Students for Liberty, Reason Magazine, the Cato Institute, and say of the Rothbardians at the Mises Institute.

The greatest theorists of libertarianism and practitioners of libertarian strategies in our time are under constant attack for not towing the Progressive line on a litany of issues. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Walter Block, Justin Raimondo, Stephan Kinsella. See my Progressive Libertarians Against the Old Guard essay for more on this phenomenon and backdrop. The Mises Institute’s newer President, Jeff Deist, has now officially made the list with his recent speech at Mises University.

In the speech, which was a call to take libertarianism to the heart and soul of the American people, Deist pointed out that the despite the left’s conspiracy to eradicate traditions, social institutions, cultural habits, historical tendencies, religions from western civilization, there is still a strong grasp on these things among the population at large. Of course, they have been weakened by the impact of the State propaganda and media apparatus which includes the education cartel, Hollywood, and the despicable nature of democratic appeal. And yet, there is a growing tiredness of “taking it on the chin” amongst conservatives. They are tired of their skin-tone, their communities, their religion, being mocked by the pompous leftist “intellectuals.” Thus, there is a still a strain of commitment to these things they hold dear. As a Progressive and internationalist Washington DC stamps down on their throats, we must help them realize that family and culture is more important than the established state. In this sense then, Deist employed the historical phrase “blood and soil” to his own rhetorical use.

But for the insufferable Steve Horowitz, this was all he needed to place the pin of Fascism square on Deist’s chest. Of course, Horowitz has long been obnoxious– stating he’d rather libertarians read Marx than Hoppe, calling everyone who is too conservative for him a Nazi-sympathizer. Upon reading Deist’s final sentence in the speech, which included the Offensive Phrase, Horowitz tripped over himself to call out the Mises Institute’s fascism on Facebook. Yes, the Mises Institute and Murray Rothbard, critics of all central planning and totalitarian rule, are to be regarded as in the same camp as Mussolini himself! It was the Nazi troops which invaded Mises’ apartment in Vienna, burned his library and caused him to escape, barely, to the west. The idea that the Mises Institute employs fascist and nazi sympathizers is a ludicrous proposition, of course, but for Steve the Insufferable there is a certain addiction to being as pompously absurd as possible. He has taken a line of fantasy right out of the Salon notebook of laughable strategies against the right.

Now, a normal person would interpret Jeff Deist’s words as follows: “we need to realize that people in this country still care about their traditions and their kinfolk, their culture. And we need to appeal to that, rather than join the leftist brigade of tearing it down.”

How a leftist interpreted his words: “he’s appealing to Nazi phrases and signaling his support of Hitler.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Leftists are insane and left-libertarians are a cancer on the movement. And as Jeff Deist pointed out on his own Facebook page, this action of “impugning motives and ascribing sinister meaning to words is what Nancy MacLean does in her recent book,” which for those of you who don’t know, was a sloppy and sorry attempt to discredit small-government conservatism by echoing the typical leftist battlecry: conservatives all hate children, want poor people to starve, and long for the rise of the slave-holding south!

And yet, here is Steve the Insufferable doing exactly what MacLean does. Down with Horowitz!

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