March 3, 2014

Ron Paul on the Army Cuts

By In Blogs, C.Jay Engel

Last week I noted that the so-called cuts in Army personnel were much ado about nothing whatsoever.  Primarily, this was because I see a coming expansion of the technologically-savvy warfare state.  Humans are no longer in high demand.

Today, the Daily Bell published an editorial by Ron Paul in which the following quote was found:

Nevertheless, although the neocons make a big deal about this small cut in military personnel, in reality these are not military cuts at all. These are token proposed cuts in troop levels, which Congress won’t allow the administration to do anyway. What Hagel proposes is not cuts, but instead a shift in spending away from personnel and toward new high-tech weapons which are favored by and profitable to the military-industrial complex.



Written by C.Jay Engel

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