Good stuff BM. Also, as I commented on your site, don’t forget the proxy-war nature of this whole thing. The US is Real Angry at Russia because the latter doesn’t let NATO do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. Russia won the bid to host the 2018 world cup, and this, of course, is unacceptable because Russia ain’t part of the gang. Washington Post reports today: “Last month, 13 U.S. senators wrote a letter to FIFA, asking it to strip Russia off the World Cup because it “inappropriately bolsters the prestige” of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “regime at a time it when it should be condemned.” (lol)(

Basically, Putin is chummy with FIFA Pres Sepp Blatter and so Bloomberg ran a hit piece on Blatter ( last month. Only US leaders are allowed to be friends with international organizations like FIFA for Heaven’s sake! (

And now, the US is going to get Real Serious about justice and seek it’s revenge on Russia/Fifa via a showy demonstration of ensuring that only Western-Friendly organizational leaders have prestigious positions. Hark! there’s a powerful man on the other side of the world who hath acted wrongly!

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