Racism: A Fake Narrative

One of the things that I learned when I was young, and this was before the modern hysteria of Racism Always Around the Corner Inc., was that I ought to be wary of those who wanted to take my liberties away in order to coddle me for bad things that were done by white people to black people two centuries ago.  My Pops taught me this. He is a very independent man, who can’t stand the Diversity mongers; those who think that diversity is the determination of the goodness of the society, and who will use every government tool in the books to ensure that all cultures are preached as equal, except of course Anglo-Saxon Protestant cultures.  It is a message of “stop judging me!!” on steroids.

I’m a black man; and few things bother me more than the racism narrative.  It’s everywhere we look. It is forced upon us as a theme that we Ought to Notice.  You don’t like the music of a certain culture? Racist. You think that the chief problem with the Ferguson epidemic (I discussed this here) was the military-style response by the state rather than the fact that Michael Brown was dark skinned? Racist.  Seriously, we can’t get away from it.  It’s guilt politics. Its manipulation. It’s artificial.  There should be no such thing as hate crime. There is crime and there is not-crime.  There is nothing inherently worse about a white man killing a black man compared to a black man killing a black man. And what nobody wants to talk about is that fact that black on black crime is much worse than white on black.  (And that doesn’t even mention the disproportionate about of black abortions compered to white ones).

What sparked this was a conversation that I heard this morning. A sassy and egotistical young girl told her friend that she probably wouldn’t be rich because she was black. Why does she believe this? Because it’s in the news, the television shows, the schools.  It has consumed our society. People don’t take individual responsibility because they are told that being unsuccessful is someone else’s fault.  This entire conversation, this entire narrative, is driving people back into the slavery mentality. Everything is so backwards. Liberty and capitalism led to opportunities for blacks while the State enabled their slavery!  And here we are today pushing them back into it. They are so dependent on the State for their every thought that they don’t even realize the shackles being slowly tightened around their wrists!

Troublemakers like Al Sharpton and his machine of outrage, who are paid to stir the racial tension pot, tickle the ears of millions of people who now long for the State to Do Something About It. And do something it will; to the loss of any freedoms that we may still have.  The narrative offered by these guilt manipulators and creepy fascist control freaks is that whites must pay for the crimes that other white committed to other blacks before anyone currently alive on this planet was living.  It’s distressing and absurd. Do they not know that just as many whites were victims of the slave trade historically?  It actually doesn’t matter to them. Because its not about the history of racism. Its about control. It’s about emotions and sensationalism and domination.  Its about manipulating people to follow whatever they are told. It’s about changing the culture from the top down at the hands of the liberal elite.

My fellow blacks (realize that white people aren’t even allowed to use this word –they must use “African-American” or they are “racist.”) are being destroyed by the assumption that racism is this huge problem in the United States. This narrative is largely manufactured and plays right into the hands of those create the “problems.”

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