Propaganda Phraseology: “Gay Marriage Legalization”

I wasn’t planning on saying much, but four requests for a comment later and I am typing this out.  The title of this post is the core of my thoughts on this whole ordeal.  Yes, liberties are being encroached upon, as the Supreme Court and Congress and Obama’s Cabinet do every other day of the week. The trend continues, albeit this time the sheer mass of the display of “Hunger Games-esque” hoopla has approached tremendous levels.  Bread and Circuses for a dying nation.

(Before I continue, please remember that I adhere to the following: 1, marriage is created by God and thus defined according to his Word as the union of one man and one woman; 2, the State does not need to be involved in marriage at all; 3, just because the State is currently involved in marriage does not mean that we should advocate the redefinition of marriage by governments. I discussed this last point here. I say these things so that people know exactly where I stand.  For more on gay “marriage” from our perspective, see the resources here.)

On Facebook, I wrote the following:

“Marriage legalization” is propaganda language. It’s actually “marriage redefinition” because it’s not currently illegal to make an agreement between two people and label it whatever you want. In that sense, these homosexual relationships have long been legal, just not “licensable.” Which the Federal Government shouldn’t even be doing at all. Not only is this point lost on so called “left-libertarians” who seems to be in favor of the ruling, but it also seems to be lost on many Christians too unfortunately. Everyone’s just enjoying the freak-out opportunity.

You see, with the word “legalization,” a false paradigm of epic proportions has been constructed.  This is how it always happens in politics. Both Progressives and (some) Conservatives (yes, I consider myself conservative) act like “gay marriage” was previously illegal, but now it is not.  This makes no sense.  For over a century two people of the same sex have been allowed to draw up a contract with stipulations that fit their desires and call it a marriage if they so desire.  This has never been illegal.  There is literally nothing stopping them from doing this.

What the Supreme Court decided was that it was going to start giving out marriage licenses to couples that are not necessarily one man and one woman.  I believe this sends the wrong message and it is a wrong thing to do. Not only does it expand the role of government in society, not only is this not an expressly delegated power that the Federal Government has, but also it greatly centralizes the power center in the United States.  But my present point here is that this whole charade has nothing to do with legalization, but rather with a redefinition parading as a Great Exodus from Slavery.  That’s all it is: a precedent-accomplishing power grab by the central government, by the means of a popular-level and trendy dominant social theme. Because the emotion of the multitudes on this, it can never be argued against with reason.  For if you say: “I fear that government is expanding,” the opponent will say: “why do you want to outlaw my freedom of expression!”  But freedom of expression –and the word “legalization” along with it– are categorically removed from this entire situation.

This has nothing to do with legalization. It has simply to do with a redefinition and which couples will receive “marriage licenses” from government. Of course we as Christians disagree that marriage should be redefined by the State.  And we as libertarians disagree that the central state should be involved in issuing a blanket definition on all 50 states.  But the main point is that this is all a show. It is all a massive charade and farce, a distraction, a grand attempt at smoke-and-mirrors politics. Things will continue to be more tough on those that disagree with the entire leftist demand for “acceptance.”  Dissent will not be permitted! (Perhaps now Christians will again begin to appreciate individualism and standing alone against the masses).

There was nothing legalized today.  There was only a media-driven freak out opportunity.

Don’t fall for it.

And remember, this decision will not be the cause of the fall of Western Civilization.  It is the result.

In the late 1930’s America, there was a national panic that “socialism is coming, socialism is coming!” as the specter of socialism plagued Europe.  But “Old Right” journalist Garet Garrett point out that the socialist revolution was not something that was vastly approaching:

“There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.”

Don’t look up the road ahead and express fear that our liberties will soon be gone.

For you would be gazing in the wrong direction.

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