Privilege and Libertarianism

Tom Woods linked to a post addressing the current and “hip” trend of associating libertarian principles and stances with the leftist, indeed Marxist, idea of of “privilege.”  Most readers of this site are conservative culturally, or at the very least can’t stand leftist culture and talking points.  So I’m preaching to the choir.  But this is a great post either way, a good read.  You can find the post here and below is a small portion:

For example, I was once accused of denying my “white privilege” when explaining why I had no college debt. I insisted that the fact that I had attended an inexpensive, in-state university, worked through high school saving up for college, spent next to no money during the school year, and lived in a old miner’s shack my last quarter while graduating a year early had something to do with it.

No. It was solely because there is some mystical power called “white privilege” that enabled me to pay my bills and not take out a loan.

Just as a side note, when someone says “privilege,” most of the time they really mean someone else made better life choices and are enjoying the fruits, while they made poor choices and are suffering for it but refuse to accept responsibility for it.

You’d think that as libertarians, these people would be interested in attacking the obvious privileges that the State enjoys, such as a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, money, taxation, and countless other immunities granted to its members which do not apply to ordinary citizens.