Paul Gottfried Lecture: Why Political Correctness is Political

The greatest of the shrinking number of paleoconservatives, Paul Gottfried (who also happened to have coined the phrase “paleoconservative”), recently gave the following lecture at the Mises Institute on the issue of political correctness. Herein, among other things, he expresses frustration with “Conservatism Inc.” the modern manifestation of progressivist worldviewists operating under the label of Conservatism, for having no substantial opposition to the phenomenon of political correctness, which itself is merely a tool for political control and statist opportunism.

Gottfried, who in small ways (as a paleoconservative) dissents from the Rothbardian libertarian vision, nevertheless states with clarity his praise and admiration for Murray Rothbard during the first 15 minutes. It’s always a great reminder to see the paleocons who appreciate and hold Rothbard in high esteem, as contrary to the NeoConservatives and other Movement Conservatives (and even other “pragmatic libertarians”) who can’t stand him.

Obviously, I do dissent from his comments on the state as the healthy mechanism for bringing Europe out of the Feudal order, and instead would emphasize the rising impact of capitalism and the division of labor in spite of, not because of, the state (which sought to transform society away from feudalism, but towards etatism (statism) as per my essay here.

At any rate, besides this small disagreement, I am a big fan of Gottfried, and immensely appreciated the lecture.