Nice Email from Lawrence Reed of FEE

Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), sent along a nice email thanking us for sharing his article on Presbyterian stalwart J. Gresham Machen.  He basically said that he was previously unaware of the site but is excited to look around and even stated that he may become one of our biggest fans “based on the name itself!”

It’s always such a pleasure to receive supportive emails from people like Reed and Walter Block.  If you haven’t yet read the Machen article, make sure you do. And look around FEE’s site for some great resources in the free market economics tradition.  FEE is one of the older libertarian foundations and was founded in 1946 with money from the Volker Fund, which was instrumental in funding important books that are now cornerstones of the modern libertarian movement.

Many very important players in the early development of the modern libertarian movement went through FEE, including people like Henry Hazlitt, Hans Sennholz, and FA “Baldy” Harper.  Murray Rothbard, in “The Private Volker Fund Memos,” wrote the following:

With the formation of the Foundation for Economic Education in 1946, the libertarian movement turned a corner and began its postwar renaissance. […]

[FEE] gathered together the many isolated and loose strands of the libertarians, and created that crucial open center for a libertarian movement. It not only disseminated libertarian literature; it provided a gateway, a welcoming place, for all hitherto isolated and neophyte libertarians. It launched the movement.

This great feat of FEE in launching the libertarian movement is testimony to the enormous need for a functioning “open center” for libertarians. For not only did this open center provide a channel and gateway for people to enter the libertarian ranks; not only did its agitation convert some and find others; it also, by providing an atmosphere and a “center” for like-minded students of liberty, pro- vided the atmospheric spark for rapid advance from old-fashioned laissez-faire to 100 percent liberty on the part of much of its staff and friends. In short, FEE, by its very existence, exerted an enormous multiple leverage in creating and advancing and weaving together the strands and people in the libertarian cause. For this may it always be honored!

Thanks Lawrence Reed for the email!

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