New Site for Theology and Christian Philosophy:

As I continue to build this current site and better define it, focusing more and more on the political and economic content, so as to not make it too broad in its subject matter, I have decided, with the help of several other contacts of mine, to create a new site to host more of my theological and philosophy of religion material.

This site has long been a curious mixture of libertarian politics and themes from various theological issues and while some of that will certainly remain (especially as it relates to topics like Covenant Theology, Theonomy, and Biblical Ethics), due to the nature of the site and the worldview on which it is based, I have found that there are some issues which deserve a separate site altogether. This helps with those individuals who want to participate in the theological conversations, but who are perplexed by this site’s political and economic content.  It also aids in their desire to share content around without “getting into trouble” by linking to a scary libertarian site (a position which, while undesirable, is understandable –given our current political culture).  One example might be the recent Church member who shared a post on Gordon Clark with his Pastor, only to discover that he was warned about sharing around a site with libertarian leaning.  This does happen, and I want to be sensitive to these realities.

In any case, the new project is hosted over at  This name was a wonderful choice and we were blessed to discover that a close contact of this site had actually purchased the domain some time ago and never had the opportunity to use it.  He has graciously donated the domain to our control.  This label is quite important; it was the name given to the Presuppositional and Augustinian Christian worldview as described and taught by Gordon H. Clark.  And later, it was adopted and promoted by Theologian Robert L. Reymond, whose own work on Systematic Theology is without contest the most influential in my own life.  Christianity is a worldview; and its truth claims come from the propositions in the Bible.  And while it would be nice to simply say we are Christians, that term can itself be broad and lacks the needed precision required to communicate our positions more specifically.  In the same way that Calvinism is a label employed to describe one’s soteriological positions, among other things, Scripturalism describes our position on things like epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, anthropology, and salvation.  Some of these, especially epistemology and ethics, lead into our political views. All politics and economics sits within a more general worldview.  As for me — an “Austrian” in economics and “libertarian” in politics– I too hold to my views in light of my more general worldview.  Scripturalism is label that best describes it.

The purpose of is to develop these more foundational ideas.  From apologetics to inter-Christian debates on the nature of epistemology, that site will seek to host my articles and blogs that promote my Augustinian-Clarkian philosophy. I am co-editing it with my friend, Luke Miner. I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to reproduce our content, just link to us when you do.