New Blog and Facebook Pages

Couple days ago I posted that I was looking for ideas regarding starting a new blog to drive up my presence in a currently relatively empty niche market: financial advice from an Austrian perspective.  Obviously there’s a couple people out there. But when this year I had more than just a few people contact me about my services based on Google searches around “Austrian advisors,” I realized that I should drive myself into this area. After all, they found me without me previously putting any effort into marketing.  The financial advice world is still heavily reliant on the “handshake model” of gaining increased assets under management.  But it won’t last forever. And with advisors like myself needing to compete with the “robo-advisors” out there (no robo-advisors view things from an Austrian view), the time is ripe.

Now, because there are numerous partners at The Sullivan Group, the firm I am with, I couldn’t just make that site into an Austrian site.  While my partner and I have really similar views on things generally, he probably doesn’t know economic theory to the extent that I do.  That’s understandable.  But I needed to really work to associate “financial advisor” and “C.Jay Engel” and “Austrian Economics” on the internet. With this as my goal, I decided to put up another blogging site.

I actually like this idea. I tried to do something similar several months ago, but I didn’t have the right idea at the time; now I think I do.

What I want to do is have a site where I basically just share many articles which I read for my work for the day, coupled with my own thoughts on the economy and how I, as a financial advisor, am seeing things.  I will post my favorites from people like John Hussman, David Stockman, Pater Tenebrarum, Peter Schiff, and Robert Wenzel. I will sometimes add comments, other times just link. I want that site to reflect what goes through my mind at work.

TRL (the site you are on now) will remain updated regularly with economics (once in a while things might be crossed posted– though probably not often), political theory, and social commentary from a Christian worldview.

The new website is called The Austrian View.  It will, as the name suggests, provide commentary and observation from the Austrian View.  What is the Austrian View of the coming Fed interest rate decision? What is the Austrian View of a potential market crash– or perhaps a medium to long term era of inflation? What is the Austrian View of the economy as it currently is, how it got there, and where it is going?  The Austrian View is a remarkable lens into the economy. I want to promote it in this way.

Here is the content from the About section of the new site:

Welcome to the economic and financial blog of C.Jay Engel, financial advisor and investment strategist at The Sullivan Group in Northern California. At the Sullivan Group, we provide a variety of important financial services for our clients. Please click here for more on what we do:

The purpose of this blog is to serve as an outlet for the daily thoughts and observations surrounding the financial markets and the condition of the economy more generally. On this blog you will find out what I am reading throughout the day and my reflections on current trends. You will also find quotes and insight from my favorite Austrian economists, many of whom have foreseen our current economic calamity.

I will never make investment recommendations on this site and nothing that is said on this website constitutes as my advice. If you are interested in what I do and how the Austrian School influences my professional work, please contact me here: I would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions that you may have.

In addition to the new site, please take the time to “like” the Facebook page that is associated with the new website as well as the new Facebook page for my firm.  The Sullivan Group has never had a Facebook page before because, as I stated above, we have long been a firm that caters to high net wealth individuals. Such individuals don’t spend a lot of time online. But we are in a new era now, and my goal is to keep up the firm with the 21st century.

Questions and comments welcome as always.

Feel free to reproduce our content, just link to us when you do.