Looking to Start a New Project– Ideas Welcome

Hey everybody.  Most of you know that my full time job is an investment advisor (this is what I spend most of my daily life doing– not reading and blogging!).  We (at The Sullivan Group) basically manage investments and conduct financial strategy efforts for both families and corporations.  We do everything from small level 401k rollovers and IRA management to bigger level wealth transfer and inheritance strategies. Basically, we do what Peter Schiff does, but on a more personal and intimate level, given our size compared to his.

Over the last several months I have begun to recognize the extent to which a financial advisor coming strictly from an Austrian School view is a niche market. In fact, roughly 25% of my new clients over the past year have come via my name being randomly found online whilst looking for financial advisors who are proponents of the Austrian School.

Since I have hardly promoted myself in this way, it seems to me that there are precious few who actually have branded themselves around this (there are a couple indeed, but why would I give out the names of my competitors?).  I started to create an econ-only blog to drive people to me, but nothing seemed to fit. Our firm’s website name is a bit clunky.

So I am trying to find some ideas around branding myself in this way, whether be a domain idea that I can blog from or perhaps redirect to my actual professional site.  Basically, since you guys are such dedicated readers, I thought I’d give this a shot.  I am asking for ideas around branding myself in this way.  People’s RSS feeds are generally pretty full so a blog would primarily serve to get my name to the front of Google when people search for “Austrian School financial advisors.” (Try that search, the results are super lame).

And as always, if you, your church, your parents, your friends, or your enemies are looking for my services, I’m really in a growing phase right now. In fact, given the shakiness and nervousness that exists around our present economy and financial markets, people are really looking for someone they can trust. I’ve been happy to be there for them.

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas along these lines: creating an image as “THE Advisor from the Austrian perspective.”

–C.Jay Engel (cjay.engel90[at]gmail[dot]com)

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