Lions of Liberty: “State Sanctioned Murder: Officers Found Not Guilty In Kelly Thomas Slaying

Written by Brian McWilliams at Lions of Liberty

In what can only be described as a despicable display of injustice, two ex-police officers were found not guilty Monday afternoon for the murder of Kelly Thomas. Thomas was a 37-year-old homeless man, diagnosed with schizophrenia who was beaten, tased, and suffocated to death by three policemen. How these lawyers were able to form a jury of men and women who could acquit these men, I cannot fathom. Reports coming out also state that the District Attorney’s office won’t even try the 3rd officer who took part in this atrocity.

Having watched the video, which is disturbing to the point of almost eliciting tears and nausea, I can say without a doubt that these men were murderers who went above and beyond any state-defined (really “undefined”) “necessary” use of force to inflict as much bodily damage to Thomas as they possibly could. The man was beaten with clubs, forced to the ground where he was pinned, then repeatedly kicked, punched, clubbed, and tased in the face. Tased in the face.

While the video below is a troubling view, and one that isn’t easily forgotten, I encourage you to watch it all the same to remind yourself of the cruelty and viciousness that can be taken out when certain men and women are placed above the law. This is an example of the government’s monopoly on legal violence. Even more sickening is that many individuals in society, including apparently those on this jury, also view State agents as above the law, and hold a much different standard for what is an “acceptable” use of violence when it is applied by law enforcement.

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