Libertarianism Ruined

One wonders how much longer the increasingly culturally progressive libertarian youth will let us social conservatives –and Reformed Christians at that! — consider ourselves libertarians.  Libertarianism used to mean agreement with the idea that no one in society is allowed to physically harm (or threaten to physically harm) another individual or his property.  Those who act in such a way are the criminals in society.  Aside from that, one could most certainly be a conservative Protestant, a believer in the God of the Bible and a subscriber to an ethical theory sourced in the revealed Word of God.

That is to say, libertarians at one point did not consider another libertarian as a lesser libertarian because he considered homosexuality wrong and promiscuity a large concern.  Fortunately, there are still good libertarians around who have not bought in to the leftist phraseology like “shaming,” “egalitarian,” and “bigotry.”

But culture itself is on a downslope.  The Mozilla CEO was just booted because he didn’t hold to a culturally approved opinion on gay marriage.  In my pessimistic estimation, libertarians as a whole will stick with the Progressivist trend.  But can a free society exist without virtue?  Yes, we are libertarians who believe in property rights and the Reformed Baptist rendition of freedom of conscience.  However, if libertarianism is tied down with a self-imposed demand that we all become moral relativists and embrace all sorts of disgusting behavior, libertarianism will be both contradictory and destroyed from the inside.  To tolerate, that is, to allow the existence of poor behavior without using the State to stop it, is necessitated by libertarianism.  But approving and embracing that behavior is not at all necessitated by libertarianism.  The libertarian can absolutely distinguish right from wrong, he may use the Bible, he may hold to conservative opinions, and none of this makes him less of a libertarian.

What I am wondering though is how long until the most powerful libertarian voices on the internet will begin to ostracize people like us from the label.  Such is the current path of the society in general, and the libertarianism movement narrowly.  Hopefully, the phrase “Reformed Libertarian” says something meaningful.

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